The Magic of Technology

I remember 2 years ago, that was in 2019 when the company I work with was organizing an economic seminar at Eko Hotel. I had to hustle for a ticket to enable me to be at the event. It wasn’t until the day of the event before my friend who works with the Corporate Communications department was able to secure an entry ticket for me. The event was exclusive and strictly by invitation. Well, it was an economic seminar, one I was absolutely interested in, so I was willing to go the extra and call on favours to be in attendance.

Lots of money had been spent, flight tickets have been bought for the invited speakers. One was from Stanford University in the United States, 2 from London Business School. We also had 2 speakers from Lagos Business School. They were lodged at a 5-star hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos. 200 people attending the event was a success. Funds were also spent on advertising. On getting to the event centre, it was a beautiful sight to behold. The company’s logo flying on many flags along the road leading to the event centre. So much money had been spent, energy had been expended to make the seminar a success and yes it was. The room was packed with 300 people in attendance, mission accomplished.

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Fast forward to 2020, the Pandemic was widespread and there was social distancing. So, the same event had to hold but this time on Zoom. Viola! 1,000 people logged in! What!  I didn’t have to call favours to get tickets. The event was open to all, emails were sent not less than 10 times, at least 5 times in the week leading to the event. All I had to do was click on a link to register. Reminders were sent to me to log in when the webinar started.

Amazing how technology can exponentially improve and change our perspective of productivity. The same event now had more impact with far less cost. Truly in the world of today, it is nearly impossible to be effectively productive without taking advantage of the technology available. This year, my department’s strategic retreat that requires staff flying into Lagos from different locations across the country was done on Teams with more participation. What usually costs millions now cost us close to Zero. Beyond the effect on cost, the improvement in participation and the creation of more effective ways of passing knowledge is far more productive than what it used to be. At my place of work, we now have at least two webinars every week with a minimum of 400 people in attendance.

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To drive productivity, innovation cannot be underemphasized. I heard recently that if you do not innovate, you will continue to renovate. I remember those days, when I go to the market with my mum in Ondo where she sells kitchen utensils, there comes a man every day who goes from one store to the other collecting daily contributions from different sellers. The sellers then take turn to collect the money in bulk. Today, we now have fintech platforms that use technology to do same thing more effectively. It is now efficient for my mum to make her contributions and even gets interest when she is due to receive her money.

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Are you a business owner or a 9 to 5ver who wants to drive productivity? Harnessing the gains of technology is your best bet. Look out for the technology that can aid your work and the different ways to use the technology. It’s amazing the magic technology can do.

It is however important that you have a system to measure productivity. What results will I need to have before I can adjudge my efforts as productive? This means that metrics need to be set that will define whether an individual or a team has been productive or not. What is not measured doesn’t get achieved, so no matter the number of technology available if plans and metrics are not set, productivity cannot be attained.

To end this, therefore, I will say to you, in all your endeavours Set SMART goals then use technology to drive them.

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