The Federal Government and ASUU

It’s a new edition and I decided to stop the episodes of the dairy of an undergraduate. I thought the episodes would have been something I would be posting every day during my internship at the Nigerian Ports Authority but it was not.

Anyhow, it ended up being monthly stuff. So, from henceforth, I will still be writing on my experiences as an undergraduate, mirroring my everyday life rather than fiction. And it will be a reflection of the magazine theme. The theme is, “The Planning Organisation.”

As you all know, ASUU is still on strike and since the lockdown began, placed by the Lagos state government before the federal government’s own, students have been at home. We were on an ASUU strike for two weeks before the lockdown began. So, it had been a long while, we have been enduring the strike.

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It’s December and I’m still in my final year. I would have been a graduate since November if ASUU did not cut down the plan. What does it reflect on the planning organisation of the federal government and ASUU? They could not plan our future throughout the time there was a lockdown to determine what was ahead and now, they are going back and forth with the federal government. ASUU strike is like a recurring thing for Nigerian students. It happens many times before one graduates from a federal university across the nation.

Many of our contemporaries in private universities are already graduates and we are still stuck in the same place. Recently, ASUU told students to think about something to better their lives because the strike might not end sooner. What does the future hold for many of us?

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Many people might not return to school when school resumes. Some might have found greener pastures. Some might have begun something else they might be interested in. In most university WhatsApp group I am on, the conversations have shortened. Everyone is finding their square roots. Many of us, don’t care about anything concerning school activities again. We have someone in power, who doesn’t value education, because, maybe he did not benefit from it.

We are told that youths are the future. We must work hard to make the future shine for us. During the next election, many of the students that are eligible must have it mind to exercise their civil duties and elect someone that truly cares about the sector, to give a better future for many of us that are coming ahead. I hate that we have been stuck in one place for many years. The strike did not start with us. It had been for several years since the institution began fully in Nigeria, yet Nigeria is not looking like it would be better.

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From all areas, students are planning for their lives, more than the federal government is planning for our future. We are excelling. Like how the youths, went to protest for EndSARS, but rather, the government opened armed on them. We are tired of the state of our educational system. We hope soon, the school will reopen, so activities will begin because, home, has been nothing short of what we planned our future to reflect.

Anyway, on the 27th of November, it looks like they reached an agreement with the Federal government. We will be resuming soon.

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