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Episode 3

Welcome to another year! If you’re like me, you would be wondering what exactly will happen this year? Will I make profit and scale as I have planned? Will I meet my revenue target? We reduce the risk of not being sure by reading trends report, attending business outlook meetings and putting together the smartest strategy document ever! The question is “are all this adequate enough to guarantee success in a new year?” Having done the basics as listed above to seem prepared for what the market forces might bring, I approach the new year with some extra sauce. 

My mentor taught me long ago that the spiritual controls the physical. According to the Kainchi Dham ashram in northern India has attracted tech titans such as Steve Jobs of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he had traveled to the ashram during the early days of Facebook at the suggestion of one of his mentors, Apple founder Steve Jobs. Zuckerberg said, Jobs had come here as a college student in the 1970s and thought it would be a good place for him to mull the future of his company. Over the years, the riverside retreat in the state of Uttarakhand has quietly attracted other tech titans from Google, Apple, and eBay1. These founders have gone ahead to build world-class companies. 

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So in preparing for the year, I spend a lot of time fellowshipping with God. This allows me to understand what direction God wants me to go, the things he wants me to do and how he wants them done. As a very spiritual entrepreneur, I take this activity very seriously because, beyond my plans, I depend on God to make things happen for me. 

Reading Jim Ovia’s recent book, Africa Rise and Shine, Jim mentioned how he trusts his guts in making decisions and closing deals. In an interview with Forbes, when asked what he considers the most crucial skill in succeeding in business, he said, “Listen to your guts”. 

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Melody Wilding, a licensed therapist, and professor of human behavior at Hunter College says trusting your gut is trusting the collection of all your subconscious experiences”2. So your gut pulls its power from your knowledge, experiences, and interactions with people. For me, add a higher power: the holy spirit. This guy is the centre of my gut feeling. It’s in the place of fellowship that I build a stronger relationship with this guy. 

It will be totally ignorant for any entrepreneur to think that they can survive and compete effectively in the marketplace without any form of spiritual help. For Steve and Mark, they found it in a spiritual retreat centre in India, for me I find it in Jesus Christ who lives in me and I in him. He is that extra sauce. What about you? 

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