The Entertainer

The Global Mindset

From childhood, I’d always wanted to be a global influence. I wanted to be the brain behind exploits and trends that transcend the shores and borders of my home country. This dream influenced my choice of friends, dress sense, mannerisms and the only thing I couldn’t do was fake an accent, foreign accent precisely. The twists and turns of life didn’t give me the confidence to beat my chest that I’ll one day leave the shores of my motherland.

January 1st 2011, I left Lagos for school to process my youth service and I was so sure I’d be posted to Lagos but to my utter dismay, I saw Oyo State on the list. I broke down in tears and some minutes later I decided to face reality. No Eko corper swag and story for me. I faced my Oyo which I translated to (On Your Own) but God was with me. I settled in fast in camp, thanks to my soft skills. I didn’t get the best of halls and my uniforms were absolutely a comic relief on its own.

It didn’t take me time to turn the whole camp community to my fan base starting from my platoon. I’d become the life of the parade that I rose to become the guard commandant for the swearing-in ceremony. A few days later my big break came when they asked for entertainers and MCs. Dear workboothers, yours truly was the man. I became the official compere for the 2 weeks scheduled for social activities and varieties. And that was how I became a camp celebrity ( call me local champion).

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The focus of my gist is not whether girls swarmed around me and whether I got freebies and preferential treatment or not. My reputation and works combined with grace got me posted to the capital city of Ibadan. It didn’t surprise anyone. Nobody would give the batch’s most famous corps member an exile posting. I settled in quick when I got to Ibadan thanks to a special brother and friend from school. It wasn’t easy but sure better than I thought. In no time, Ibadan had become my market, my audience and fan base.

Life in Ibadan was much of a contrast to Lagos that right after service, I started planning to settle there. No hustle and bustle like Lagos, just slow and steady lifestyle and oh my, I was loving it. Before I knew it, I started tailoring my dreams to the ancient, cool and calm red roof city. No offence but I unconsciously started using local parameters for my inspiration and of course, local ideas for the local audience. Please note that the use of the word LOCAL in this case is by no means of derogatory implication.

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I became dissatisfied and heaped the blame on my environment, believing it was the reason I hadn’t travelled out yet. I started asking myself how would I travel out when I moved out of a city with an international airport to a city with just a domestic one. At my age and status, I’m yet to start a comedy show  with “I JUST GOT BACK MEN!“ Yeah Men! In my clouded mind, going global was all about travelling around the world, killing shows, taking pictures and tasting Cuisines.

I had to wake up one day and tell myself “IF YOU WANT TO GO GLOBAL, MOVE TO A CITY WITH AN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.” That was all the Motivational speech I needed. I got my stuff together, headed back to the city with not just international airport but international opportunities. Guess what, opportunities came up almost immediately, I was able to take some while I lost some to different challenges including visa denial. The good thing is, with the challenges came a very vital lesson that has shaped my mindset for good.

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I realized that a lot of global exploits started from the locale of the brain behind it. The mind is powerful enough to influence the environment if you know how to maximize its power. So, I had a mind wash, experienced a paradigm shift via research and mentorship and started out with small ideas that have since grown and fetched me recognition beyond the shores of my home country including places I’m yet to visit.

No matter how many countries you tour around the globe, if you don’t go global in your mind, you’re just going to be a local tourist with travel experience. As they say, your body won’t go where your mind won’t. Globalization must first be experienced in the mind and then transmitted to every other thing. A global mindset will birth global ideas, global ideas will attract global partners with resources and consequently global impact.

Dear workboothers, let’s go GLOBAL.

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