The Entertainer

Dear workboothers, compliments of the pandemic. How have you all been faring? I trust you have been safe and sound. Social studies have shown that social distancing is allowed even on social media so do away with lies and fake news that can spread panic and negative energy. My definition of an enterprise “is a business you enter, price and PAY, emphasis on Pay!” Should you do differently, I would count it as a waste of time considering how long it took me to establish myself as an enterprise. Not like a start-up capital issue anyway, it was more of perception and structure as a business entity.

The journey from being a creative talent to being a chartered entertainment mogul is not an easy one by distance and obstacles. As a young boy who discovered his talent and passion early, a lot of counsel was offered to me by all and sundry. Everyone had a word or two for me. Mostly, they believed that I should do it for free until I am known enough to charge a fee. A piece of advice that sounded very wise which I embraced. The only problem was that none of them told or taught me how long it would take or how I would know when to charge and when not to.

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Through the bittersweet journey, I realized that you don’t get paid for talent, you get paid for skills. Not just skills, problem-solving skills. Life is an exchange of value and not emotions. No man can survive on emotional transactions. It has to be value-based. So I discovered after a while that being funny is not going to get me paid but being able to solve problems like boredom or dullness at events as well as professionally putting events into perspective by acting as an anchor, time and crowd manager and any other office relevant.

Having discovered what to do, my next hill to climb was how. I explored different avenues from volunteering to gate-crashing but neither worked. My blessed talent was almost becoming a plague to me. In the course of my quest for a way out, I discovered the essence of appearance, articulation, eloquence, oratory prowess, and more. Hours of rehearsals in front of my mirror holding my hairbrush as a microphone finally paid off. I had become more refined. I had come to see that humour can be the whole meal or a spice depending on the demand. And I began to tailor my talent-based skills into unique services to meet specific demands.

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Can you just imagine how wicked people can be? After all the investment in myself, after all I’ve been through (that sounds like a line from a jilted guy). Anyway, the new obstacle that confronted me was getting people to pay based on my charges. For some clients, the problem was even getting them to pay at all. I hear phrases like “Is it not just to talk for a couple of hours. Look at this boy o, you want to collect all that money just to make us laugh for ten minutes? I never knew comedy is that lucrative, I’m funny too. I can do it. Don’t worry, I will get someone in the office. Ochuko is a funny guy”.

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Wow! Amazing!! Fantastic!!! So I came this far for nothing? No! I’m not taking all these. What do I do? Make a statement of Value, spot opportunities, be prepared. I’ve heard all these superfluous grammatical constructs over and again from different Motivational speakers. What kind of a career choice is this for God’s sake? During one of my meditations, I got a light. Differentiate between a stage and a platform. Seek platforms to showcase you to the right audience. Then stages will come calling for your expertise and experience.

That was how my journey from the island of obscurity where I was seen and used as a charity or non-profit entity to becoming a profit-making brand started. All the little things that I took for granted started to count on a large scale. “People dey enter, price, and pay but now I’m stepping up. They just enter and pay. No need to price”. That’s the dream. That’s the reality. I need to leave. Somebody just entered.

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