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Today I’m angry… 1. I think it’s safe to say my alarm clock had not being my favourite accessory in any way, that cock-crow sound could be annoying and it seems to go off when the sleep hits a top gear. Getting up from bed sometime is like climbing mount improbable. I’ll always say to myself, you have to do this “another day, another pay”, “I need to pay the bills”, this is how I psych myself to enter the workplace gate or it could get to the level of “c’mon! I’m out of here. ” Sometimes the question remains “though legally and constitutionally we are not slaves, but are we truly free?” bound by a contractual agreement which you must keep in order to eat. These and many more are the things I get anxious about while walking on the clean, shiny, green and white corridor of my workplace.2. As I approach the door of the reception, I reluctantly pulled out my swipe card and my ID card. For some reasons, more often than not, I still always feel as sleepy as I felt when I first opened my eyes on my bed. Sometimes you want to envy the unemployed in such moment, my high shoulders will drop, and my head sinks into my chest at the face of drowsiness. To think that some people are still on their beds. There are time you ask yourself how long will I do this? Oh! Break time is always a time to unwind, it’s a breath of fresh air, it’s worth looking forward to.3. Approaching the lift with total strangers sometimes might be unpleasant. Most times the lift is always packed with people you’ve never talked to, at times I’ll be twisting and turning to get a glimpse of the names written on their ID cards to at least keep the ride up the floors a little fun for myself. Oh! The silence in the lift can be deafening. People in there looks disoriented and lost. If only I can just get a little excitement on a Monday morning lift ride. Sometimes I feel I could steal some time and come late but I dare not, no excuse of traffic, flood is not expected to be a valid delay, all week you rush to clock in and the feeling is “phew, thank God I made it on time”. Lagos “yellow buses” won’t stop constituting their nuisance on the road, every time spent on the road is a race against time and your biggest enemy “bus drivers”.4. Sometimes you cannot help but wish yourself a “happy-boredom”, some days I’ll have to battle against boredom at work, some days at work I’ll almost be bored to tears, routine jobs could be a vicious cycle. There are days when I feel like surfing the internet for a pinch of entertainment dose, then remembers it’s an open air office and my computer is directly facing the team lead, my heart tingles, looking over my shoulders and seeing his fierce gaze under his ever-clear glazed-goggles, I’ll just sigh and abandon the idea, in terms of team leaders keeping an eye out on how much we prattle to others, take toilet and other breaks, and what is on your computer screen. Its irritating. He won’t mind his own business, maybe our “amebo moments” are a culture shock for him. He’s not a Nigerian. Guy! At least you suppose learn small Naija parody nah!. Work don start be that, no going back now!5. The nature of my work requires an acute troubleshooting and problem solving skills, as soon as one problem is solved, a more-knotty problem appears, not too long ago my team has adopted the popular managerial accounting theory “Do It Right the First Time (DRIFT)”, it’s a zero tolerance for mistakes. Can issues ever end? I guess not, because the day it ends- my job ends! The prayer of a worker is “may the issues only I can solve keep popping up around here”, can I get an amen? LOL6. Most of us are united in our hatred of our absurd work, and the way we’re treated by management. Comradery develops, alliances are forged, although there are many who don’t really get on that well. This code-of-silence, tension packed atmosphere created by the open-office design is what leads to many minor skirmishes between management and us, the workers. The bigwig managers and assorted other high-ups have their personal offices where they make sure that people can’t see what they have on their computer screens. There is God o.I think not liking our jobs sometimes are not born out of mistreatment by management, at times it a feeling of “I can do more?”, “I’m more than this?”, “is this really what I was born to do?”. Destiny calls sometimes! 7. Once I make it past the early morning “sleepy-hollow”, the rest of the day is not so bad after all. Starting from catching up with workmates, attending meetings and trainings, at this point my craving for sleep and fresh air disappears, now is the time to put on my game face and swagger. Can’t go through all these without bagging a performance bonus and awards for my troubles. But isn’t that also a divide and rule tactics, prizes, and performance bonuses to keep us motivated, with little politics in the mix to impress.8. Werk werk werk, some people have sunk into music, banter you need to do some of these else, you’d go mad’. My day will consist of thousands of mouse clicks, opening servers, running database queries, writing Unix commands and shell scripts, haba! Life na battle?! My brain’s “hard drive” will almost fry at times.The best thing about work, of course, is the people. There are some interesting types, from all sorts of backgrounds and ages, mentalities and ideologies. I love people.

9. When next I’m in a good mood, I’ll write something pleasant about you oh workplace. Hopefully, my team lead won’t read this because if he does… I laugh in Chinese… Dear Diary… if you get lost, please don’t fall into the hands of my managers!!!
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