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Diaries of a Young Doctor Chapter 2

Going down the memory lane far back to 2013, the year was finally coming to an end after going through a rough and tough time at the children emergency unit of obafemi Awolowo university teaching hospital ile-ife. My job that year was quite tasking though impactful especially having to resuscitate and abort a lot of pediatric seizures. However, in the pool of those memories, I could clearly remember few days before Christmas I woke up to embark on a journey to spend the festive season with my parents when I received a call that my services were urgently needed at the hospital due to shortage of staffs.

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I couldn’t decline the call because I knew children’s lives were at stake so I responded without hesitating. I drove straight to the emergency room which was in a state of pandemonium immediately I had to suit up for the long ride and before the end of the day I attended to at least 15 pediatric emergencies which included performing minor surgical procedures, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and blood transfusions.

Among the lots of patients, I attended to my attention was drawn towards Roseline who was a 5-year-old girl who was rushed in by her single mother with features suggestive of right heart failure.

Now heart failure is a medical condition where there is inability of the heart to meet the demands on it and specifically failure of the heart to pump blood efficiently and effectively to other organs of the body.

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The condition at most times secondary to an acute or chronic condition but after taking proper history, physical examinations and investigations it was discovered the cardiac condition was secondary to sepsis which is a systemic infection of a bacteria origin. Managing the young girl would have been a smooth sail if not for financial constraints. The young girl’s mother was a petty trader who could hardly generate a monthly income of twenty thousand and to make matters worse they were not registered under the national health insurance scheme.

Out of compassion I was compelled to raise fund from other members of staff to propel the treatment and management. Fortunately, children respond to treatment so in less than 24hours, we were getting positive results and her condition had improved significantly.

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Saving the lives of patients especially ones within the pediatric age group has been a thing of great priority to me and other medical professionals.

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