The Dilemma of a Final Year Student 2

Dear readers, the condition of my Curriculum Vitae [cu] is really critical. I have skills and other qualifications for a job but something is missing; I have little or no job experience. Well, I can be faulted for that but not entirely. Okay, let me leave you to be the judge of that. I’ll tell you what happened then you decide. 

So in December, I’ll be in my 400 level and it is mandatory in my school that every student must do internship in line with their course of study at least once throughout their time as an undergraduate.

In my school, after first semester there is at least one month break before the second semester commences. Then after the second semester ends, there is a 2-3 months break before another session commences.

Usually, the break after the end of first semester is too short and no one really works during that break because not only is it too short, everyone is usually exhausted after all the stress of school work that they just use the entire month to rest and prepare for the next semester.

So well that was the same thing I did during all those breaks between the two semesters from my 100-300 level.

Now let’s talk about the 2-3 months break after the first and second semester. In my 100 level during this break, I did not do internship for no honest reason. I just spent my time sleeping, relaxing, and learning how to make hair

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In my 200 level, I worked at a primary school as an assistant class teacher seeing that I am good with children and I also worked as an HR intern. I was in charge of the student’s records, files and some other things. I had decided that it was in my 300 level I would do a proper internship. So during my 300 level first semester, I had already started informing my parents. It was like an anthem in my house. Once I got to school for second semester, I applied for my SIWES letter and once it came out, I sent it to my parents to help me to start applying to different organizations and they did.

I wasn’t idle myself, my friends had told me of a platform named ‘’STUTERN’’ so I registered and created an account for myself, searched for my course related jobs and applied for them according to the requirements and my qualifications. I always stayed glued to my emails just so I won’t miss any job opportunity.

In the middle of the month of May, my school vacated and so I went home.

I used the remaining days of the month of May to rest and recover myself because it had been a very long semester of five months.

I continued in my search of a job. My parent’s friends in other organizations had asked me to send my CV to certain people within their offices and I did. My friends also told me to go on google and search for internship 2019 jobs which I did. I created accounts on the various platforms, put out my qualifications on Jiji, etc. and my details. Some friends had also told me about a GT internship and other banks which I applied for.

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So at that point, I was patiently waiting and expecting a call anytime from then.

I went to some organizations to put down my CV. Some told me straight up that they do not accept interns for that period of time while others said they would get back to me.

I finally got a call from an organization that I applied to online but my friends and parents advised me not to go. Their reasons being that we had checked on LinkedIn and on google maps, there was no registration or physical location with the organization’s name so it was quite suspicious so I did not go.

I also got a call from FCMB and I went for an interview, I submitted recommendations and all but I did not get a call back. I had heard that it would take up to two months to process my application and by then it will just remain only a month before the internship is over.

I kept applying but I did not receive any other calls. I was disappointed and sad. I realized a sad truth; everything in this part of the world works with connect. Some of my friends got jobs at certain organizations due to their parents connect and I tried to ask them to help me process my CV also but they said it was tight and well I knew that also.

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I got called at a school to work as a summer teacher on the island, but it was too far from home, it wasn’t in my field of study, there was no pay offered, and it would cost me a lot, transportation and all.

As of July, I couldn’t keep sitting at home waiting for nothing. So my mom got me a job at her friend’s pharmacy headquarters, and then I resumed work there. I wanted to quit after the first day as a matter of fact but somehow I didn’t. It’s more than a month now since I started working there and well the staff and pharmacists are really smart and awesome people, fun to be around and I have learnt quite a lot about some drugs and their functions, also some things on accounts, stock taking, invoices and so on.

From time to time, I am still deeply pained that I could not get a job in my field as I had been hoping and planning to get.

But well it is better than nothing. I doubt it will be valid on my CV. I hope I am able to get a job after graduating from the university with the little work experience that I have but remember you’re the judge.

So dear diary, what is your verdict?

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