The Client-centric Masterstroke

The melodious tune of hakuna matata, my ringtone gently streamed into my sleep-laden ears so much that it took me a while to convert it from lullaby to wake up call. I lazily reached out for my phone, swiped the green answer icon and said “Hello” in my usual customer–care voice. Unfortunately, sleep got the better of my voice, leaving it croaky than smooth. “Doctor Frick, good afternoon. I hope all is well? Sleeping by this time is a little unusual”. I already knew this person is not a regular listener of my radio show hence the question. Those who know me on the radio hardly call me before 2 pm. They know Papa must sleep from 7 am when I return home till 12 noon or later. I responded I’m fine. I worked all night. Oh I see… Pele the voice said.

I was eager to know who the caller was. Who owned this sonorous yet authoritative voice? “So, here is a review of your performance as the host of our gala”. It was as if water was splashed on my face. That’s definitely Miss B. I sat up immediately, became wide-eyed as I prepared my ears to receive the review. I’m not going to bore you with the technical details. In one word, she said I was “Magnificent”. However, she took me on a journey that switched my perspective totally about my art, mastery, experience, and my entire personality.

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“Doctor Frick, you’re excellent at this talk business. The mastery of your art, your maturity with words, your spontaneity and wisdom to patch things up when unforeseen circumstances come into play. You can rise to the top you know”. That was more of a statement than a question. At this point, I heaved a sigh of only God knows what. Show me ma was all I could utter. “What are you doing tomorrow? Say between 4 pm and 7 pm?” Give me the details ma, I’ll be there. That was it. She gave me an appointment at a spot best know for enjoyment. I already knew what to wear from outfit to perfume. I was ready.

The witty part of my brain started picturing a date scene. Who wouldn’t? This enigmatic and charming lady is just in her late 20s. She has an executive position under her belt in a one of a kind blue-chip company and she has qualifications from the future which makes her one of the most sought after when it comes to her job. What if she showed up in a gorgeous, sexy red dress with a spice of Loubs. Was she feeling the boy beyond the job? Was she gonna ask me to be her man? I can’t remember what jolted me back to life but it was for good. I could have wasted an hour on that fantasy ride that would never see the light of day.

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The gentleman man in me left the house by 2:30 to avoid stories that touch written and edited by Lagos traffic. It’s unheard of to keep a delectable, punctual lady waiting let alone a boss. I got to the rendezvous exactly 3:45 pm as against the 3:15 pm that was the actual estimated time of arrival. Special thanks to the world-famous Lagos traffic. But, the genius in me already included the predictable circumstance in my plan. Ten minutes later, guess who showed up dressed for an official business meeting, my crush for the past couple of days, Miss B.

Our meeting (or date in my head) started off nicely with the exchange of pleasantries and compliments. I stood up, dragged out a chair for her to sit to which she whispered thank you. We ordered and since I just got paid by her company, I could afford whatever the bill was going to be even if it would be a deficit against next month. I made up my mind I wasn’t going to “fall my hand”. My ego got stirred up and had started leading me to the path of destruction before her voice brought me back.

Have you ever heard the word “Client-centric before”? Erm erm… the eloquent king of the mic started stuttering. “Let me save us both time,” she said. You need to pay attention to your clients. Let your goal be how your clients feel after you are done dispensing your services. This will help you convert your service to an experience which is what determines if they are coming back or not. Miss B gave me some Eudoracity Business School type lecture for about 45 minutes. Midway, I stopped seeing a charming lady and started seeing a postgraduate lecturer. By the time she was done, my appetite had travelled on an all-expense-paid trip to the end of the earth. She insisted I took the food with me if I wasn’t going to eat.

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I felt like she derived pleasure from schooling me and wanted me to acknowledge her postgraduate lecturer status to me. Remembering it right now still gives me some pangs but the lessons have helped transformed my brand to a more client-centric one and just in case you come across this article Miss B, thank you so much. As you can see, I’m doing a lot better. The “I no wan fall my hand” egocentric guy has become customer-centric. Thank God I picked my hands later. How else would I have been able to give you guys this gist? Enjoy the rest of your day readers.

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