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We are gradually rounding up the first quarter of this year, how is it going? For me, I can categorically tell you that I am not moving at the pace I should. However, slowly but surely…we will get there. There’s still a lot of work to be done, that I can tell you for free… but hey, it’s just the third month of the year….soooo not bad at all.

So lately, I have been thinking and re-evaluating my career. How do I invest in my career and myself while at this job? This job that I don’t fancy. I have been in this industry for about 4 years, and in the last three years, I have tolerated my job a hundred times more than I have enjoyed it. It’s more like HELP! I am in an abusive relationship with my job. Did I hear you say leave? Sorry…some of us don’t have that luxury of choice or how do I fund my baby girl dream life? Can you guys see now?  

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Ha, these shoes won’t buy themselves, or these clothes won’t get off the rack themselves or the tasty meals get eaten themselves…lolsss. Even moving on to more serious things…certifications and getting an MBA or MSc, all these require money. I need the money guyssss. I am not even trying to form, for now, I am stuck with profit. Hopefully, I can use my profit to build my purpose, if the chase for the profit doesn’t snuff out the life of the purpose…haha.

How did I get here though? It’s not like I haven’t been thinking about it before, but I tried to move it to the back of my mind until what happened brought it to the fore, the inevitable ugly truth. One of my colleagues who we both joined my organization at the same time and level but is in another division (that’s like the one of the crème de la crème in my organization) posted how she got a distinguished industry award…This was a goal she had set before, four years earlier, she was in the career she wanted and chasing her dreams. All I could think to my self was where am I? What am I even doing? At that moment, I felt like I wasted 4 years, doing a job I dislike and forgetting to pursue my career goals (well, at least, it counts for something….the work experience).

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In the past, I often wondered how people cope and get to stay for so long at jobs they literally hate, now I know. In my thoughts and mind, I don’t want to be these people ever, I don’t want to ever get stuck in a job, feeling I have spent 7,10 years here, what else is out there for me? I am going to do meaningful work. I am going to take on an absolutely rewarding career, that’s the least I owe myself, but for now baby… I am stuck with the profit. 

So tell me, what would you do? Would you rather give everything up and follow your dreams in the hope that the breakthrough would come one day. On the other hand, will you stay at whatever pays your bills for as long as possible and hope that you will be able to build leverage enough to enable you to exit and pursue your dreams?  

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