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Hello Peeps!

It’s about that time again…time for our diary musings.

Today, we will be having somewhat of a serious discussion.

Recently, I was thinking about this pandemic and its effects. One of the many ripple effects which resonate deeply with me is the rapid globalization currently being experienced worldwide. We have always known that the world as a global village, but this saying recently hit home. Globalization simply is the process by which entities develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. Globalization has now even gone beyond business to include individuals. We have suddenly realized that we can have far more reaches through the improved use of technologies. I personally feel this pandemic fast-forwarded technological advancement by 5 -10 years.

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This got me thinking, is it not only wise to also start thinking globally more than ever before? Whatever dreams, aspirations one has, it has to be global and nothing less. You can localize, but be global. One no longer needs millions of funds to get into the international scene as it were. For example, social media has become a huge leverage for a lot of individuals and brands. There are no geographical limitations with the use of the internet. Whatever it is you are up to, you should think global standard, and apply it locally.

In the same vein, I am beginning to question myself and ask, what do I need to do to remain relevant on a global scale? What expertise and skillset should I acquire that will future proof my career and dreams? One expertise I have come to realize is IT skills. IT skills in this global age are continually becoming essential skills as most companies are going digital. Skills such as ranging from coding to business/data analytics to software engineering to project management are all skill sets of the future.

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You can look into this range of tech skill sets yourself and see where you might fit. Everyone won’t have hardcore IT expertise, but you must be able to navigate in the world that lives and breathes IT.

On a final note, my advice to everyone on this episode of the diary of a Naija Banker is this: In all thy getting… get global.

….Cheers to going global…

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