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Diary of a Naija BankerHi Guys! My name is hmmmm…let’s call me BabeSo how do we start this…? Okay, I’ll start by introducing myself…I am a lady (obviously), I live in Lagos, on the mainland and I work on the Island, I am a Banker, and I love the “baby gurl life”(if you know what I mean *winks*), even though I am not living it at the moment…I am working assiduously towards it.I am going to be letting you in on my journey in living the Lagos baby gurl banker life.*spoiler alert* Bankers don’t have a life guys (don’t say I didn’t warn you *straight face*). I wonder what I‘ll be sharing btw…hehehe. Enjoy …It’s been a hell of a roller coaster …on the good days, I feel privileged.Privileged not because I love or even like my job, but because of my bank account …on pay day only… looollsss (laughs in Swahili). After pay day, everything disappears…lolss, this “adulting” thing is tiring abeg, if you know, you know…that’s gist for some other time though, a whole Season, episode 1-10 of my banking life.I console myself, at least that I earn well and can afford most things I need and sometimes want, I am grateful for that.However, on e v e r y o t h e r s i n g l e d ay (please note my spacing after every letter…lol), I just want to blow anybody’s head away, sometimes I am 2 seconds away from depression, but then the exigencies of the work make me forget myself and plunge into finishing my task or risk my professional image being shattered. No, I can’t let that happen. My self esteem CANNOT be smeared… NEVER, okurrrr??? (Let’s be clear on that please).I remember life after NYSC, after about 6 months of not getting a good job, I was so annoyed and just said to my mom,’ let me even get a bank job, bank job that is pure water everywhere.,’ especially if you are below 26 and have a 2.1. (which I was at that time).And so, the next month I think (not sure of exactly when, but it was shortly after I complained), the process of me getting a banking job started, I saw the opening on social media, had one or two friends who were already in the organization, sent my CV to them, also applied online immediately. On that fateful day, while at my other job, oh yes, I had a job, real estate, remuneration based on commission and a monthly stipend of 50,000 for the first three months.I was on the last month of the three months of getting the stipend and it was a one man business, I desperately wanted to leave, I got the mail for the test and the rest they say is history.I started my banking career on a fairytale, best thing that happened to me feeling, hahaha, as a management trainee, my goodness, I lived the life.Suffice it to say though, that has been the best part of my banking career…after about 11 months on this roller coaster fairytale haven, I was posted to my final place of assignment and that’s how my worst nightmare began (guess where???)……to be continued

………….. Dear Diary…we are in for a ride!!!!
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