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I do hope you are keeping safe in these “corona times”?

Talking about these times, a realization from all that has happened is that nothing really is impossible. There is always a way around what needs to be done.  New realities and circumstances have forced organizations to think out of the box and implement new strategies to remain in business. Now, we have what is called the new normal. We have realized physical meetings are not the only options to brainstorm on ideas or agree on an outcome or even get the super juicy deals. Employees do not have to sit in the office to be productive. Individuals have also realized, they do not have to go out to get items, these items can be delivered. People and businesses have become more enterprising in the bid to remain relevant and stay on top of this situation.

According to the Oxford dictionary, enterprising means having or showing initiative and resourcefulness. In the ordinary everyday language, I would say the ability to get things done irrespective of the obstacles. As we say, when there is a will to get something done, there is a way to get it done. This applies to our personal lives. What are the goals you set for yourself this year? I am sorry, but by the end of 2020, the pandemic will no longer suffice as an excuse for not hitting your set targets. You know why? People are moving on and finding new ways of achieving set goals. In fact, goals are being reviewed to align with the methods fit for these times, but hello o… in your mind you have postponed everything till 2021 because the world will understand and wait for you. I sorry for you (pardon my English please).

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One outstanding attribute of humans is adaptability, and this has been instrumental since time immemorial in the survival of the human race, otherwise, we would have gone extinct. Adaptability and being enterprising go hand in hand and these are innate qualities in every human waiting to be mined and refined. I encourage you to evolve, change with the times, find the best path for you, be enterprising or risk being left behind with only regrets as your reward for allowing Covid-19 be your ally.

Now, I must mention that it has not been all positives, the most glaring of it is that a lot of people have lost their jobs, a lot of companies are struggling financially and some have declared bankruptcy, especially the SMEs and those in the hospitality and showbiz, it’s a totally different terrain. On a lighter note though, I miss dressing up and going out (yeah right! I know you do too). I miss owambes, I miss being able to up and go out with overclocking and thinking while ticking off my checklist in this order…1) mask up 2) sanitizer in hand 3) spray disinfectant on the other hand 4) remain conscious of the virus at all times 5) finally, say a prayer of protection against the virus before you step out because ultimately, it is God who protects. One can do all these and still get caught o (quite a handful of people I know who caught the virus were extra cautious). 

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I am sure my shoes are wondering what in the world is going on? What has happened to our owner? … hahaha. Oh, how I miss dressing up and wearing my fine fine shoes. I have missed 3 weddings now, 2 more loading that we would have gone to slay at, but Covid said no (loolss) … now I am stuck with zoom wedding (what is all this sef?). The more painful one is…all my vacay plans…out the window…just like that o. To think that I moved all my travel plans from last year to this year… imagine my disappointment. This Covid really dulled my baby girl life this year sha (if you have been following, you will know by now I am all about the baby gurl life). Anyways, there might be hope though, maybe an act of God that will just stop this whole thing before the year ends… I don’t know jare.  I refuse to be stressed further, as an enterprising person that I am, I am fine-tuning my plans, tweaking my goals so that by the end of this year, I would have no regrets whatsoever.

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