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Hi Reader…

It’s a brand new year…the much-awaited year 2020…Compliments guys!

Anytime I hear 2020, I get this paroxysm of thrill, like oh my goodness! It is 2020 already…because growing up, this 2020 felt like 100 years away. In recent past years, almost everyone, governments, institutions, organizations made reference to the year. Promises made, goals set, like everything grand was going to happen in the year 2020. People buying the new car, getting married, new house, going for or Ph.D. and so on were set for this year 2020. Not to forget our government’s vision 2020…just a quick reminder y’all…2020 is here o, come and perform the magic and make things happen.

The year 2019 was some year for me, a couple of lows, but here we are, grateful for life and all the numerous things money cannot buy. Like my pastor says, if it didn’t grow you physically or materially… it grew your character. Anyways, I couldn’t wait for the year to be over, to be honest … I just wanted a brand new start. I have a lot of expectations for this New Year and I believe God is going to blow my mind. In this New Year, I pray you to get as much as you put into it and have a really prosperous one in its true sense.

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Moving on, so how was your Detty December?  …lolls…

Oh yes, I will definitely tell you about mine, just that there’s actually nothing to tell o ….mine was the cleanliest and work-full December ever. That’s one of the many things I dislike about being a banker…working through the holidays while others are lounging and companies have closed for the year *rolling my eyes*.

In other news, I really look forward to Decembers when I am not over calculating my ‘akkant’ balance (I don’t know if it’s my inner banker instincts that does that or the fear of being broke, hehehe) and strategizing on how the salary will pull through the 3 months we have in January alone (you know this too right? January is usually so looonggg, why though?). 

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People of God, I hate being broke so I‘ll rather sacrifice Detty December so I can have a clean January biko. I am certain, however, my days of Detty December are getting closer by the years as I continue to work on living this ‘baby girl’ life dream. It’s not as if it will be detty like that o, the way you Lagos people think of dirty, but for lack of a better word that rhymes well with December, I will manage detty, lols,…we are decent people, we don’t do Detty please…loools.

My ideal Detty December will be to go for concerts as a V.V.I.P, have a white Christmas, go shopping and visit Santori or somewhere romantic with the hubby.

I think I should start saving towards my Detty December, or what do you guys think? Although, the banker in me thinks that’s a whole lot of money to save for a year and then just blow it away like that, hanhan. On the other hand, I think it does something for people, mentally and psychologically. I mean, why not reward yourself for a whole year that you’ve worked? Ok, maybe I’ll book my flight in March and start to look for holiday deals early enough. I don’t know jare. I will think about it again sha.

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Well, I am just excited about the New Year and grateful for new beginnings. My commitment to myself this year is to live my best life…spiritually, financially, physically, mentally, career-wise e.t.c. I want to look back on this year, at the end of it and marvel at how much I have grown in all these areas. 

What are your goals? I hope you have some, and that you work on them and follow through… On this note, Dear Diary… cheers to a blissful 2020… xoxo

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