The Audacity Of A ‘Visibility And Impact’ Organizational Strategy

‘In the first week of January we are going to have a week-long retreat to plan and strategize for year 2020’, affirmed my Executive Director late 2019 as we closed the year.

‘Aye! That’s great!’ I nodded in agreement, ‘it is a great organizational policy to strategize!’

The reality of what we did in January didn’t dawn on me until early November when we looked at the year 2020 in retrospect. I realized that ‘visibility and impact’ which formed the central theme of our year’s strategy was largely implemented.

Despite or, as a matter of fact, because of coronavirus pandemic, we were able to reach uncharted territories, forged significant partnerships, attained new milestones, touched many lives beyond our local space, enjoyed more publicity and media hype; the futuristic ‘visibility and impact’ became a picture so real.

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COVID-19 made us conceptualize new projects and accomplish old projects in new ways. We moved our media program online and we started reaching scores of people who will regularly not benefit from it because they are not based in Lagos. Our advocacy and awareness drive about sickle cell took on a new dimension. We delivered supplies of medications and food items to the doorsteps of hundreds of beneficiaries in Lagos and Ogun states. In some cases, beneficiaries from other parts of the country reached out and we were able to meet their needs. What a momentous 2020 we have had because we dared to plan!

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Dear friends, are you afraid it may never happen, plan still. You don’t know how it will pan out, plan still. Do the plans look too big for your current status, plan still. Plans make your life worth anticipating.

2021 is auspicious, set out with your plans!

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