The key highlights of this edition include the following:

  1. Learn how to creatively automate processes for  increased productivity, enhanced organizational performance and improved employee experience.
  2. Understand the key skills that your employees require to position your organization strategically for the future of work.
  3. Learn how to provide meaningful work, flexible working environment and opportunities for career growth to motivate your multi-generational workforce for the delivery of disruptive solutions.
  4. Discover how to use innovation to drive efficiency, speed,agility and adaptability to remain competitive in the digitalized world.
  5. Recognize how to leverage the power of digital business model, digital operating models, digital talents and skills to become a giant digital enterprise.
  6. Identify the latest technologies used to deliver the right mode of learning and promote same within your organization. A learning culture is a prerequisite for the future of work
  7. Learn how to use initiatives like reverse-mentoring to foster collaboration and learning between the digital natives and digital immigrants to meet the demands of the digital age.
  8. Understand the impact of digital disruption in making hiring and recruitment more effective, saving a lot of time and using large amounts of data to make informed decisions.
  9. Find out how technology is changing the way we do business , impacting how we create, deliver and measure value.
  10. Learn how to build a simbiotic relationship between technology and human beings to give your organization a competitive advantage.
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