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I love everything to do with health and children. 

I don’t know many things about my early years, but my preteen years were characterized by homemade meals – no eat outs or unhealthy snacking whatsoever. My late mum (bless her soul) taught me about natural foods to prevent or treat different ailments (and no it wasn’t just herbal concoctions).

With this background, I hardly visit the hospital and will rather help myself to natural remedies when I fall ill (mostly stress related). So, some people have coined for me the name tewetegbo, meaning ‘all things leafs and herbs’!

Sometime during my teenage years, I came across an article about how some people had difficulty in reading and comprehension and it resonated with me, because at the time I had the same challenge. I would later know that it is called ‘dyslexia’, and that it has different spectrums. My interest was piqued and I discovered that many factors contributed to this condition, one of which is genes and nutrition.

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I then asked myself why I had difficulty in reading, comprehension and sometimes recollection despite the natural foods I was eating. The answer is that the proper brain formation of a child is determined, first by the genetic makeup of the parents which can be enhanced by proper diet, the deliberate maternal nutrition during pregnancy, and childhood nutrition of the first five years. Summarily, the whole family needs to eat healthy, not just homemade meals, but the required proportion of all the food classes.

I have worked as a personal assistant, responsibility executive, customer care executive, and as an early years school administrator. But my passion to see people eat healthy to ensure the proper brain development of every child, birthed Growfitch Healthibles (an online healthy foods store). 

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We are a healthy lifestyle focused business, promoting healthy eating choices for everyone, but especially for women of reproductive age, expecting mothers and their children. We believe strongly that maternal nutritional status influences the prenatal and postnatal development of a child in all aspects: physical growth, cognitive development, school performance and educational outcomes, work performance and eventually reproductive outcomes.

All our products are fresh from the farm, carefully selected, and we ensure that they retain their wholesome nutritional qualities, just for you! I leave you with these wise words from Bethenny Frankel, “your diet is a bank account, good food choices are good investments.”

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You can visit our website today: Follow us on Instagram @healthibles_, on Twitter @healthiblez_, and on Facebook:

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