Show Me the Money

Talk about showbiz.. It is the show with the business, it is the business with the show.

Showbiz is Hollywood. Showbiz is Amazon. Showbiz is DJ Khaleed.

Showbiz is Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid, Olamide and their fantastic battle for supremacy.

Showbiz is Grammys, Oscars, AMVCA.

Showbiz is Broadway. Showbiz is Yemi Alade marrying Patoranking.

It’s glitz, it’s glamour all packed in one.

But it’s also money.. l’argent (as the Frenchman would like it), lots of money. Showbiz is a multi-trillion dollar industry. And this is instructive!

Creativity is more than just to write, to sing, to act, to dance, or like we say on the streets, to wax lyrical. Creativity is money, money, and money.

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How do we go from here, from simply waxing lyrical to surely waxing moolah?

Let’s learn from one of the finest in the industry. Walt Disney.

Born Walter Elias Disney in 1901, he started his career in 1919 working with an art studio where he met a longtime ally, Ubbe Iwwerks (later Ub Iwerks). After many attempts at floating businesses with his brother, he finally got one that managed to fly and did creative works with Universal Pictures, notably Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

In a bid to ensure that he can control the outcome of his projects, he started delivering his films directly to distributors, such includes the Steamboat Willie of the Mickey Mouse fame. With innovation, he produced the first-ever color cartoons and animated feature-length film. He later established a distribution company, Buena Vista as a subsidiary of the business. His dream ‘happiest place on earth’ is today’s Disneyland built in 1955.

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Mr. Disney is long gone since 1966 but the business enclave has flourished even more after his death. The company has built many theme parks and has acquired many competing media firms. The company is estimated to be worth over US$ 130 billion.

What’s the point? Innovation is a core part of creativity. Never ever have a better yesterday. That’s the way to make money.

Before you leave, my creativity is my money, show me the money!

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