Setting-Out To Achieve Goals – Perspectives From A Civil Engineer

In constructing the foundation of a typical building, there is a process called SETTING-OUT. This process involves placing of pegs around the perimeter of the proposed building on the ground, with necessary lines depicting the block wall lines or ground beams depending on the type of foundation to be adopted for the proposed building.

Note that there are preliminary works to be done before this process which involves, acquiring pegs, lines and digging of the trenches and all this setting-out is done within the perimeter or boundaries of the proposed building. The purpose of this preliminary works is to achieve a goal and that is to CONSTRUCT A BUILDING.

This scenario above can be applied to life goals. To achieve your goals, there are 3 different stages of work required.

Stage 1 is planning where you conceptualize your goals. An example is, consideration to build or own a building. An individual will have lot of ideas such as should I go for a bungalow, 1-Storey building or 2-Storey building. This is where you form an idea of what you want putting into consideration the amount of funds available although it is good to think big.

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Stage 2 is preliminary where you initiate actions in preparation for executing the goal. This stage pivots you to the next stage, after planning you need to buy the land to start your proposed idea or concept you have been imagining so as to realize your Stage 1. Buy the land, buy necessary materials to build and get the workforce to move to site. This stage sets the tone for executing to achieve your goals.

Stage 3 is execution mode, in this phase, you progress with actualizing your goals. This Stage is the grand finale, where stage 1 and 2 comes to play as the foundation. If Stage 1 and 2 is not well managed, it will grossly affect stage 3. It is very paramount that the foundation for Stage 1 and 2 is well-grounded so as to achieve a good end result in Stage 3. The execution stage in construction is bringing to reality the proposed building (Stage 1), by digging of the ground, mixing and conjuring the materials you brought for building purpose (Stage 2) and a shape or frame of the proposed building comes into reality (Stage 3).

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These three stages are needed to achieve the desired goals for every individual in our various stages of life be it career or in business.

Furthermore, in setting-out your goals, you need to set in motion some preliminary works which are highlighted below but not limited to:

  • Conceptualize your positive thought, that forms a concept or idea of your goals
  • Visualize your goals by having a mental image of how your goals will be
  • Write down your goals in black & white for safekeeping
  • Discuss or share your goals with your accountability partner. Your accountability partner can be your spouse or like-minded individuals & friends
  • Constantly review your goals
  • Give a timeline, because a goal without a timeline is just a dream which can fade off.
  • Believe in your goals. If you believe it, you will work towards it and achieve it.
  • Pray towards your goals.
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There is a common proverb “Make hay while the sun shines”, goals have to be set in preparation for opportunities otherwise you may not recognize these opportunities when they arise leading to wasted efforts and time.

In addition to all the steps, ensure you have a to-do-list, that is your day-to-day dairy that helps you keep track of your stated goals and plan yourself. Ultimately, you will become a better person.

Setting-out goals shows the possibilities, and it is the road map that guides you to achieve in life.

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