Planning: Organization’s Road Trip

As the saying goes expect the best prepare for the worst. Strategy and planning are buzzwords always flying around especially in the business world. But times like this when the world is shaken to its foundation calls for a rethink on what we plan for, and what our action plan will be on the worst-case scenario.

If I had to go on a road trip I would grab a map, a nice car, enough fuel and most importantly my toolbox because I don’t like surprises. Likewise it is important to understand there are plans required for the metamorphosis of an organization through its lifecycle they are; strategic, tactical, operational and contingency plans.

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A strategic plan is the basic framework or MAP of an organization’s system, which supports the total existence of that organization considering its mission, vision and values. It is the big picture displaying the final destination of an organization at a given period which could be a year, ten years or even fifty years from when it was established.

Tactical plans are more or less the VEHICLE that is to take an organization from the start point of the map to the final destination. It comprises fragments of short term plans that aids the implementation of the big picture (strategic plan), which typically would last a year.

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Operational plans can be referred to as the FUEL required in the vehicle to take an organization to its final destination. It comprises of the day-to-day activities such as work schedules, policies, rules or regulations that set standards for employees, as well as specific task assignments that relate to goals within the tactical and strategic plans of the organization

Contingency plan just like a TOOLBOX placed in a vehicle to tackle unforeseen circumstances such as a flat tyre, battery issues etc. It is a backup plan which serves as a risk management procedure for an unplanned situation that stands as an obstacle to the implementation of the strategic plan.

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As organizations how well structured are your plans, does it have the right timing and resources? You do not have to buy fuel when you have no car.

Are there other things you think organizations can do better in planning towards achieving set goals, tell me about it in the comment section below and do not forget to grab the latest edition of the workbooth magazine?

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