One-Like-All, All-Like-One

Just when you are saying ‘thanks, goodness, it’s been a day of impact’ after six hours of volunteering your knowledge and experience to a health non-profit, a teenage girl emerges. She lives in the outskirts of the city.

‘Oh, dear, where have you been all day?’ the words mumble out of the lips.

‘I am sorry ma, you know, errrrrm, I have beeeenn’, the girl tries to respond.

You do not need a seer to tell you that she has been on transit all day seeing her fatigued visage.

‘Don’t bother, dear, I understand. Let me examine you.’

Then you go through the entire step for one like you did for scores of others.

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The organization is built for customers. The organization is built around customers. The organization organizes nothing when there are no customers. Thus, your effort should be tailored for one-like-all, all-like-one!

‘One-like-all, all-like-one’, this is how customer-centric individuals live!

‘One-like-all, all-like-one’, this is how customer-centric organizations thrive!

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