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Digital Technology has opened new vistas of opportunity. For a book lover like myself, I no longer need bother holding the big paperbacks or worry about being labelled ‘bookish’ or having to bore myself responding to ‘o boy, shey you want read Cambridge and Oxford together?’

What’s Cambridge? What’s Oxford got to do with a young boy who just wanted to read a couple of materials that he finds around? How many Nigerian universities did I know then, talk less of foreign ones? I didn’t even know you have to write matriculation examinations to attend a university? Convocation was the glamour!

Well, the universities of Cambridge and Oxford were prime universities where Nigerians aspired to study during the colonial and early independence period. The institutions were held in high esteem. A graduate who returns from there is considered a king!

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Thus, anyone reading freely must be preparing to go to Cambridge and Oxford, or so my unschooled grandparents (God bless their souls) thought when I visited them during the long holidays. It was just unthinkable for them that their grandson who has come to play with them is seen reading everything available including newspaper used to wrap corn meal that we eat for breakfast.

Amusing! But that’s how the question ‘o boy, shey you want read Cambridge and Oxford together?’ kept coming from the young and old throughout my stay in the village.

I don’t have to worry anymore. My love for reading is still intact. And I can read anytime, anywhere without bothering about ‘Cambridge’ or ‘Oxford’!

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This is because my books are tucked somewhere safe in a folder in my mobile phone. While friends are watching movies or chatting on social media, I can quickly ‘munch’ a couple of pages. 

No cheers, no jeers. Yaaay!!!

But wait! Wait! How on earth did that happen? Hundreds of volume in a portable device in my pocket? I can’t imagine for the life of me while reading a single book as small as Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart as a teenager that a book as large as Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Bible Concordance will one day be neatly arranged and well packaged in digital format. 

Gesundheit! Health to you, Yomi! Welcome to digital! Digital Technology has come to stay for good! With resources and apps like Kindle, Scribd, Wattpad, Internet Archive, and several others, and easy-to-read, easy-to-download formats like PDF and EPUB, I can just read away… tons of volumes. Not just read, I can also deposit the wealth of books in an e-library.

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This is the way forward. This is the future. The world of e-!

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