My Event Planning Experience

Hello, good morning. Am I on to Doctor Frick? I got your number from my client who insisted on having you host her wedding. Oh yeah, Doctor Frick the host on a Hifrickuency right here. Thank you for reaching out. And then the conversation blossoms into kindly send me your account details so we can book you for the date. Then I go on to add, please fill the contract I will send to your email after this call before you credit my account. I work on terms and conditions please. Sometimes I meet some Wow, that’s nice. Sometimes I get “Na wa o”.

Whichever way, fast forward, I’m at the venue on the said date, vining, grooving while using sublime tactics to ensure crowd and time management. Event goes smooth, I exchange contacts with prospective clients, get tips at times and boom! I’m on my way home feeling fulfilled all round. So, I got thinking, I get a lot of compliments doing what I do. I love it and I’ve got incredible passion for it. I am always the show man. The seen face and voice. I’m the life of the party. I’m the Master of ceremony. I discovered later that my case was like that of the one who eats pounded yam but doesn’t know the stress of pounding.

About five years ago, I got the conviction to stage my own show and that was the first time I got exposed to the nitty gritty of the mainframe of EVENTS called PLANNING. Series of meetings with different vendors. From blueprint development to project analysis, prospects, risks, resources involved, cost implications and all sort of terms I though was difficult until a project manager gets involved and everything goes French on me. I start hearing project initiation, PLANNING, execution, performance monitoring, and closure.

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I had to say at the meeting, Guys! I just want to crack jokes for an hour and make people laugh uncontrollably. I’m not building a factory. Everyone starts laughing like I had started the show. Not like I don’t know events get planned but I never thought it was that stressful and tedious. My experience after that maiden edition of my show changed my perspective about planning. I would have learnt earlier during my sister’s wedding but I flew in a couple of days before as a big boy. I didn’t see what had gone down in terms of planning.

A friend was getting married and saddled me with some responsibilities and that gave me a closer look into the world of planning and how everything totally depends on it. Dammy had me promise to take care of the Emcee, Deejay, Security, ushers and decor. I nodded in agreement. Not like I had a choice. Dammy is the most kind-hearted of all humans. Only a callous soul would refuse her request.

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That period of my life was a true learning curve. Planning made me call all my leadership skills and training to the fore for deployment as at when due, raised my patience level, taught me new human resource management tips, taught me to work under pressure. Funny how all that learning made me better as an event host in the end. I can’t forget Dammy for that. What I thought was a huge sacrifice for her turned out to be a scholarship for me. I may not be a certified event planner but I know my onions layer by layer. I’m still not a planner anyway.

My respect for planners skyrocketed. To think that all those ladies I see all glammed up at events speaking impeccable English must have screamed in vernacular at some vendors earlier still beats me. Planning is like the skeleton of an event or project. It’s not make up or packaging. It’s the real deal. Get the best you can for the role within the available resources. Get different people with different nature and nurture, temperament traits and exposure to work together in peace and harmony towards a common goal. Regardless of all individual differences the result must be success.

Not everyone has the threshold to bear such stress definitely but I can’t take my mind off those who enjoy it. It gives them pleasure and fulfilment despite the stress. They assume their role in an unassuming manner and at the end of the day, they don’t even care about showing up for accolades. They are too busy making sure everything runs well and ends well. Event planners are priceless. They get every piece of the puzzle and get to fit all into a perfect picture.

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While they may not be addressed as event planners in the corporate world, whether project manager, Human resource personnel, whatever they call them, undermine their role and importance at your own risk. After all like I always say on radio, Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance! That’s the P6 a maxim that stresses the importance of planning in every facet of life. The additional quote is. If you fail to plan, you have planned to fail.

This is a special shout out to every planner in every walk of life. You’re the real MVP. You’re the true life of the party. You’re the power house of your organisation. While finance is the nucleus, planning is the mitochondrion. After all, resources that are not well planned for and managed would just be wasted. Oh I need to pick this call and it’s going to be a very long one. Guess why, you’re right. It’s a planner on the line. So I guess that’s see you all next edition.


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