My Career Story

Eight (8) months after NYSC I landed my first job as an Experience Centre Executive with a Telecommunications Company. This experience developed in me a passion for excellent service delivery. I was very committed to making my customers happy; I just wanted to solve their problems and where I could not solve them, I was determined they will leave with confidence, hope, and a smile. 

Three years after, I had started training teams on customer service and had written a book on the same. For me, training is more than knowledge transfer it is about stirring in the individual the longing to become more beyond meeting their training expectations. 

After my telecoms experience, I worked as a social worker with a mental health organization, where I supported clients battling different kinds of phobia and in some cases depression. Again I did all to see my clients make moves in the right direction and engaged in all possible activities with them. 

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In all of these, I did not realize that there was an underlying strong desire to help people become better humans and the best at what they do and how they do it. I carried a burden to see people improve on themselves to the point they can do what they thought impossible.  

Seven (7) years after I graduated from the University, I began my journey of career fulfilment. This journey started with a Program Manager role with a not-for-profit organization that focused on empowering teachers through training, coaching and mentoring.  I moved from being a Program Manager who organized training and trained on the side to being a full-time trainer with another education organization, it was an opportunity to impact people more directly. 

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For the past 7 years (almost 8), I have been passionately involved in people development in the Education space (both not for profit and social enterprise) and have been privileged to coach and mentor 8 great individuals directly and over 60 indirectly and sometimes directly. 

I have since been able to identify and articulate that underlying desire to help people become better and be the best at what they do and how they do. I am more deliberate about finding opportunities that will help me support people to simply be and do more. 

In all of these, I have learned that if you pay attention to the activities, opportunities, and jobs you naturally gravitate towards or sometimes life coincidences, you are well on your way to finding fulfillment. 

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