My 9 Principles to Being INTENTIONAL

The concept of being intentional to me is to achieve a state of mind that will result in action. For example, it can be as mundane as the steps I will take to drink water to more critical activities such as travelling out of my home country to pursue my postgraduate degree. The intentionality in this situation is the steps/actions/move”  I make to actualize my goal.

The following are my 9 simple principles to becoming more intentional in our daily lives

  • Be intentional to have a dynamic plan to achieve your goals. Break down your overall goals into smaller chunks, and review and revise your goals frequently to reflect changes in your environment and personal circumstances.


  • Be intentional to always speak the truth to yourself, especially when things are not going as planned. Regardless of how disappointed you are with your actions or inactions. Once the curtains are down and you are alone with yourself, take the time to reflect upon your successes and mistakes to find a clearer path moving forward.
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  • Be intentional to worry less and rather act, no matter how small. Having apprehension about your goals and future is agnostic of gender, race, and other demographic and geographical characteristics. In my conversations with people from different cultural backgrounds about topics like education, relationships, and health since moving to Europe, it’s apparent that “objects of apprehension” are similar when we break down the issues. This fact enables us as individuals to acknowledge that it is okay to have legitimate concerns about the future, but we must constantly take steps to work towards a better future outcome for ourselves.


  • Be intentional about overcoming ignorance about your goals and ambitions – it’s never too late to learn and/or unlearn. It’s more often a lack of knowledge that leads to fear that keeps us from taking action to realize our dreams. My advice is to learn as much as you can about where you’re headed and what you want to become.
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  • Be intentional about managing your fear and be courageous in doing whatever you can at every opportunity to make progress towards your goal. Do not let fear or “what ifs” stand in the way of you acting. I will say for everything you want to be intentional about, always reflect on the quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt, that “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”


  • Be intentional to never make your weakness the focus of attention. It’s okay to acknowledge our weakness, but we should be careful not to maximise it or allow it to stop us from taking chances.


  • Be intentional to build quality relationships and networks. When we are making our way through life and working towards any goal we want to attain, we will need encouragement, and it’s the relationships we’ve built that we can turn to! For example, take the first steps to approach like-minded people, become members of associations that align with your goals and invest in building connections with the people you meet.
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  • Be intentional about the people you listen to and the content you consume “on and off” the internet. You are what you listen to!!! I believe the words you listen to constantly will begin to shape your orientation, mindset and behavior.


  • Be intentional to not follow the crowd and always be authentic to yourself. No matter where everyone is going, you must first ask yourself the following questions:

o   What is my opinion about this?

o   Do I  really want this? and

o   Do I believe this will work out for me?

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