My 360 Woman Africa Story

Working and applying my skills daily to the growth of 3 organizations and my diverse work engagement with different platforms is what I have chosen to write about; the shared joy and fulfilment that comes with daily working in your place of strength and calling. 

Having the opportunity to daily lead a team of vibrant and purposeful people who are genuinely committed to giving their best to serve humanity is indeed rare especially when we look back to take stock of our impact.

Founding an NGO that is driven by impact and love for people (Especially women in Africa) inscribed in its DNA and overall culture is energizing. 360 Woman Africa is a non-profit organization for young professionals and businesswomen. The platform consistently creates avenues to equip our women with personal and business skills for global relevance through our Women’s Personal and Business Skill Developmental Centre (WPBSDC) all year round.

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Starting up the organization and running it with little or less support for 3 years affirmed the many WHY’s I had to answer. Looking through how much time we have invested in young women through our coaching sessions, mentorship, workshops, support groups, etc., the feedback received has oftentimes pointed us back to who we are. 

As a member of the core team, I can say that that we are blessed to have a team of kind and caring people that enjoy solving human problems through various forms of education.  

Skills that have helped us with the work we do as millennials in the present-day workplace would include but not limited to the following:

1. Self-Awareness: I have a keen understanding of the Who, Why and Whose we are have helped us deliver our roles excellently daily. Being self-aware is the first key to delivering value wherever you find yourself. It is how an individual consciously knows and understands one’s character, feelings, motives, and desires. Being self-aware has helped us to find common grounds on how we deal with each other as colleagues especially given the fact that we are small in number. This extends to our customers as well.

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2. Adaptability: Being able to adapt to whatever situation, circumstance or roles we find in front of us has helped us. The ability to be flexible and open to new ways of doing things while remaining focused on the overall goal is a skill, we won’t trade within the 360 Woman team. Following the new digital media wave, AI and robotics, etc we recognize that we need to do things differently and we immediately begin to adjust to the new situation. 

3. Empathy: We are a group of people with human experiences, first of all, knowing how much a great deal we have enjoyed empathy from people, has also helped us to extend the same and just generally show kindness to everyone we meet everywhere we go. Each day we are energized by our caring ways of leading and coaching either the ladies on our platform or ourselves as a team. Being sincerely committed to supporting one another is our way of living.

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So yes, I cannot point out one caring experience in our organization that stands out distinctively more than others as this is who we are. Caring for ourselves and showing empathy is our culture. From the daily sacrifices, we make without been paid, to excellent executions of projects and just consciously being involved is who we truly are and we love it without reservation.

Thank you.

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