Meristem Wins the Great Place To Work Award – Interview by Adebola Williams

Congratulations to Meristem on your certification by the Great Place to Work Institute, what does this mean to the company?Meristem was certified and recognised as a Great Place to Work at the sixth edition of the Great Place to Work Institute Awards. This certification is in recognition of our achievements in creating an enabling environment where employees can pursue their career goals and thrive. Meristem’s dedication and commitment to consistently promoting human capital development and welfare among its workforce were also acknowledged. This is a huge one for us as a company because it shows that our internal efforts towards the continuous improvement of our workplace and the quality of experience of our employees has come to the knowledge of the world, this means visibility for us and there’s no telling how much equity this will have on our brand while positioning us as an employer of choice.Can you share insights with us on the certification process? The assessment was done in three easy steps.Survey (Trust Index Survey): We were invited by Great Place to Work to participate in the recognition program. They conducted an employee survey along with an HR Assessment completed by the HR team and a one on one interview with members of the team. The questions cut across the different phases of the employee lifecycle within an organization. In addition to the HR assessment, there was a bulky document on culture audit and what that seeks to achieve is to underscore the importance of our culture and how this is impacting our workplace productivity or performance. The surveys were completely secure and confidential, they were deployed directly to employees’ email by the institute, so respondents are free to say how they really feel about the organization.Analysis: Data collected was analysed by great place work and measured against global standards.Certification: we were able to meet up with the required percentage for the certification and as such we were invited to the institute’s annual award night where we were presented with the certification.I am aware there are other certifying bodies or organization on good workplace practices, why did you subscribe to the Great Place to Work Institute. The Meristem culture is a culture of continuous learning and improvement, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, Great Place to Work has shown itself to be the leader in employee experience with over thirty years of experience of helping companies take the guesswork out of culture. They made it easy for us to survey our employees, provide us with data driven analysis of our culture clearly showing areas of strengths and areas where there are opportunities for growth. Above all GPTW provided us a platform to be recognized for our great company culture and we are glad to have partnered with them.Why is this certification important to you? What is the implication for your workforce practices? In today’s market, being an employer of choice is more than just an asset it is a necessity! This feat would help us attract, retain and engage top talents in the organization. The implication for our workforce practices would mean that we can no longer operate below the global standards as the stakes are now higher. It is a call to do more!Recently, you organized Meristem Green Fest, kindly share with us the objective of that event and how does that tie to your overall company’s strategy? For example, why are you interested in fitness as an investment bank? Thank you for this question, it’s a very interesting one. At Meristem, we pride ourselves with knowledge that we are not in the business of investments but in the business of growing wealth for our people. This knowledge has informed our slogan and essence- “let’s grow wealth for you”. We decided to look at the sphere of wealth especially as it relates to our society, and we realized a single truth- there is no wealth without health!, on this ground, The Meristem Greenfest was born. The Meristem Greenfest is designed to be a festival of everything healthy for you!!! A promise that Meristem cares about growing wealth for you, and more importantly, Meristem cares that you live long enough to enjoy the wealth created. The Meristem Greenfest is true to us as it ties directly to one of our core values which is Einstein (Innovation). We constantly seek new and innovative ways to ensure satisfaction is the result for every interaction with the Meristem brand.I must confess that Meristem has been in the news lately for good reasons. Let us talk about the alumni reunion programme you organized, share with us why you are interested in your ex-staff? Why organization should be interested in those who have exited the organization.

Again, the desire to stay connected with Ex-Meristars was borne out of our recognition of their contributions to our business while they worked in Meristem. A lot of them have moved on to other organisations where they are making impact. The experience they got here in Meristem has been beneficial to their career. A lot of them continue to be great ambassadors of Meristem where ever they find themselves. It is our belief that “once a Meristar, always a Meristar”. Our culture is that which if imbibed by anyone who passes through Meristem, it is of lifelong benefit both in career and in life generally. It was an opportunity to recognize the contributions of these set of people and renew our alliance for greater collaboration and networking opportunities.
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