Licking Soup Series 5

So, I decided to write about myself in this edition (lol).

When there are challenges, Opportunities present itself! Opportunities are Ilabe
In Nigeria, 45% of food spoils mainly due to lack of cold chain. Perishable food especially fresh fruits and vegetables start to deteriorate as soon as they are harvested because they are cut from their source of water and nutrition. They lose freshness, weight, texture, flavor, nutritional value and appeal hence affecting patronage. Cooling significantly slows down the rate of deterioration, thereby increasing the storage life of the produce.
45% loss is huge, so I got thinking then I came up with a localized solution; Insulated cabins for Tricycles; this is the first of its kind in Nigeria (West-Africa).
These insulated cabins are Polyurethane insulated and the refrigerating units are DC powered.
The achievable temperatures are Chillers (0 deg C) and Freezers ( -8 deg C).

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The cabin size is 2.125 cubic meters with 500Kg load capacity. This solution can be used for Meat, Fish, Milk, FFV, Chicken, Ice cubes, Beverages, Drugs/Vaccines and Ice-cream, Yoghurt distribution.

The product is still in its developmental stage but we have carried out a few roll-outs and still working on other orders.

The possibilities are unquantifiable and we believe that some solutions can be localized by being innovative.

Innovation means continuous improvement or Kaizen (Japanese philosophy).

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