Let’s talk about December

I know we are professionals and career-minded people, but can we take a few minutes to have a heart-to-heart talk about the most anticipated month of the year?

Taking a look at the myriad of activities that happen in December, you should agree with me that it is absolutely safe to say that a sizable number of people all over the world keenly look forward to this special month of the year. The reason for this is not far fetched. Jingle bells!!! If you are a Nigerian like me, you already know it is time for our version of winter, harmattan. Apart from December being a month packed with abundant festivities, it marks the end of a period and signals the beginning of a fresh start. I, particularly, see December as a month that helps me look forward to another year of brand new opportunities. This is the period that companies start balancing books and end of year dinners/award nights are about to hold every day until Christmas.

However, we can not dispute the fact that 2020 has been an extremely terrifying year for some individuals and even organisations. It could be that their plans were disrupted by the pandemic or they recorded losses of varying degrees. These sets of people may not seem excited about the last month of the year nor be expectant for what is coming next because they can’t find a ray of sunshine, considering all they have been through.

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I am here to say that unusual life circumstances happen. That’s not even news. All that matters at the end is how we put ourselves back on track. Falling down is inevitable, but staying down is your choice to make. You and I survived a whole lot for which we should be grateful. Permit me to insert a quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero right here: “While there’s life, there’s hope.”

It does seem obvious that this twelfth month is going to be different from all others we have experienced. Feel free to call it the first of its kind.  You may not be able to carry out your yearly ritual because safety protocols have to be observed.  You may not be able to give your employees the Christmas packages they deserve because the numbers are not adding up. Nonetheless, before you write the year that “woke you up” off, here are three basic but powerful things you should consider doing to make December count:

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Hold a gratitude party

You think nothing significant has happened to you this year? It’s time to count your blessings, one of which is the gift of life and good health. Write a list of things you are grateful for and you’ll be surprised at your endless list. I don’t like to focus on numbers but try to take a look at the percentage of people that have passed on and those currently battling for their lives. Are you among them? No! So why have  you not started the party?

P.S.: I mean a virtual party/bonding session with close friends.

Make an impact

December is not the month to be selfish, actually, no month is. Look at people around you, either on your street, in your church or in your office. Now ask yourself what you can do to make their smiles wider. Endeavor to be a blessing to them and you don’t even have to go overboard. A simple compliment can go a long way. Also, if it is in your financial capacity, get them gifts you think they would appreciate.

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Drop negative thoughts/words

I know that it can be hard to keep a positive spirit especially when things are not going right, but the world is not against you so don’t fight against yourself. Lean more towards words of affirmation and spend time with people who bring out the best in you. If your five friends never have good reports about situations, aren’t you the sixth? It could also be your social media that triggers negative thoughts in you and the good news is, you can exercise your control by getting rid of it. It has worked for me, it will undoubtedly work for you too.

Do these significant things and you’re on the right track to making the most of December. Loosen up, enjoy the season. Don’t forget all that 2020 taught you so fast and remember that nothing happens by chance.

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