Kiki Omeili: A Doctor by Training, Actress by Passion

TWB: Would you like to take us through your professional journey so far?

Kiki: I am a trained Medical Doctor with an MBBS degree from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos but I have been acting professionally since 2011. I am also a writer and a movie producer.

TWB: An intriguing story you have there, but if I may ask what led to the career transition and what were the reactions from people close to you?

Kiki: It was just the realization that I had a love for the arts, and it was not going away. Hence, the decision to pursue it and see where it takes me. Many people close to me were shocked. Some felt I was too “serious” to be an actress, some felt I was too “calm”, others said they thought that if I ever did anything in entertainment, it would be singing and not acting (because I love singing).

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My parents were not too surprised though and were actually supportive. People are usually shocked to hear that.

TWB: Did you have any fears when you made the decision?

Kiki: Truth be told, at the time, I had tunnel vision. All I wanted was to do this thing that I really loved. I never really stopped to think about what would happen if I failed. It was only after I had made the transition that it occurred to me that I could have failed. Thankfully, that was not the case.

TWB: Are you looking at heading to the hospital any time soon?

Kiki: It is not on the cards for me at the moment, but anything is possible in the future. I have the training and it is a good business, so it is possible.

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TWB: If for a reason you were made to start afresh, would it still be acting, medicals, or something else entirely?

Kiki: It would definitely still be the arts and several other aspects of entertainment. I like the discipline that studying medicine instilled in me and I like all the knowledge so maybe I would do it again. But then again, maybe not.

TWB: As an actor, what would you say are some of the keys to success in your industry? 

Kiki: Hard work, discipline, talent, perseverance, and a good attitude to work.

TWB: If you were in a position of influence, what changes would you make to the entertainment industry especially the Movie Sector?

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Kiki: I would ensure better remuneration for actors and most importantly, ROYALTIES for actors. It is sad that some people work their whole lives as actors and die poor or are unable to treat themselves of certain ailments.

TWB: You have done quite well for yourself; looking at all your awards what would you say is your greatest career achievement?

Kiki: Honestly, it is the fulfillment that comes from the job and the fact that it makes people happy.

TWB: What would you want the coming generations to remember you for?

Kiki: I would want to be remembered as that person that defied the norm, braved the odds and came out shinning on the other end, showing people that nothing is impossible.

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