The field of job satisfaction is rich and multi-layered, peppered with definitions, concepts, and theories drawn from several disciplines. Why is it important, to think about job satisfaction? Why is it important to try and optimize it?
For one, most people spend the bulk of their waking hours at work. So, it might come as no surprise that not enjoying our jobs can translate into general dissatisfaction with life. We spend one-third (or more) of our days at work, it defines us as people, i.e. when we aren’t happy at work, other areas of our life suffer. Yet more than 70 percent of workers aren’t satisfied with their jobs.
Many people end up sick, depressed, divorced, abused or addicted, etc. because they’re unhappy with careers, but beyond the individual level, organizations are thankfully starting to recognize the importance of paying attention to employee’s satisfaction and has placed it as a necessity and thus has started putting in place ways to better the job experiences.
Signs of job dissatisfaction:

  1. Avoiding the boss: If employee conveniently goes out of office when its time for a meeting or when they see their boss coming or they go out of their way to dodge conversation with the manager.
    Doing as little as possible: When employees don’t offer to do anything that will further increase their value to the company.
  2. Leaves early: an employee that won’t stay few minutes after work closes to complete an important task might not be interested in the job thus, finds the nearest exit and be on his/ her way as the opportunity presents itself.
    Determinants of job dissatisfaction
  3. We make career choices to impress other people so we can feel that fleeting rush of validation and in the process, we lose sight of what makes us happy, the more we try to impress the more frustrated we feel.
  4. People judging others based on their responses to the question “what do you do?”. Those four words are the reason why so many people are unhappy with their careers, most people want to answer with something impressive so that people can respect what they do.
    Way out of job dissatisfaction:
  5. Focus on finding your intrinsic motivation for work, the work that makes you feel engaged and happy.
  6. Stop judging others to avoid being judge.
  7. Create a connection for your job.
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