Intentionality on a “Hifrickuency”

Seven years ago, if “local champion” was a person, I’d be the face. I was known and respected within my locality. It felt good to be the Alpha in the park and complacency had become blood flowing through my veins. To want more when you seemingly have all could be made to look and feel like Greed. I was doing well by the definition of my environment. Fame, some money ( I didn’t need a lot by the constructs of my locality), respect, name it. The only thing I didn’t have turned out to be the ultimate need of my soul, Fulfilment.

I knew I had more to offer, I had more to learn. There were bigger platforms, greater dreams and assignments for me but I was too complacent to take the required giant leap. As God would have it in His infinite wisdom, I began to feel uncomfortable. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t place my finger on it. I just knew my time was up in that locality. I knew I was created for global influence and impact. I sure was not going to achieve that maintaining status quo. I had to take steps literally.

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I woke up one Tuesday morning and I was so uneasy. My heart was pounding like I had a ticking time bomb attached to the edge of my bed. I went blank for two to three minutes then one of my jokes rang loudly in my ears. He who wants to go international must live in a city with an international airport. That was it. I needed to move to the city of dreams. I had to change my environment to a more inspiring, more challenging and more globally conscious one.

Less than five years in the city, I had visited 5 countries. My reputation had gone up, referrals that I couldn’t even imagine started coming, platforms popping up everywhere. The funny twist was that I was still getting events from my previous locality and they were paying me more as an export. All the familiarity had fizzled out. A proverb I learnt from my manager which says there is no come back from see finish (utter disrespect) became clearer. I became conscious of my appearance as an entertainer. I became intentional about my brand.

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With this intentionality came a tweak to my brand and identity my social media game became different and then it struck me that even though I had travelled a few times, I had to do more than travel to become an international entertainer. I had to perform for foreigners and I also had to generate global online content that could fetch me bigger opportunities around the world. I had to be as dogged about this as possible. I got new team members, let some go, studied global entertainers and business moguls. On my trips outside the country, I was deliberate about my choice of friends, intentional about relationships, making sure I had a chain of upwardly mobile people in my chain.

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I’m not even there yet but I can say with my full spinal chest that I’m on the way to becoming a truly global brand, internationally known and locally respected according to 50 cent chapter sixteen and verse eleven. It’s beautiful to realise that you have the world right in your palms through your smartphone and data. We can always reach one another and especially for you my people, we can always connect on a Hifrickuency.

Dear readers, the world is yours for the taking. Do not hesitate to launch across borders. Thank you for being there for me. I remain your humble host with the holy ghost shutting down shows from coast to coast without running from pillar to post yet doing the most to make your event the toast of all. Till I come your way again, keep reading, keep growing and keep glowing.

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