In the Nigerian University, the innovation doesn’t come to you, but you go for it

Before I got admission into a Nigerian University, I had always heard about how Nigerian schools don’t make you better than what you are, but you make yourself what you are, by making yourself better. You do this, by improving yourself every day and becoming better in what and where you want to see yourself in the future. You invest in moulding yourself to become what you want to be. If you are on the lookout to gain this from Nigerian varsities, you are on a long stretch. The Nigerian institution does its best by providing the environment where you will learn even though the environment is not conducive enough for you to stretch more than what you have been listening to, in the classroom.

But what Nigerian varsities does, is to provide you with arrays of people from different walks of life. Smart and intelligent people you might not have met. People of like-minds. A lot of innovative students in Nigerian varsity always start in a group and create a favourable organization for themselves to thrive. They are usually a group of friends that have thought about what their future would look like when they are done. What they would be, after they are done with the varsity, so they try to help themselves by creating the organization that should be favourable and allow them to be innovative.

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Nigerian varsity has proven to offer the best success to those that give all their attention to the institution. But a Nigerian institution would have given its students that opportunity if they provided an avenue for them to flourish in wherever or whatever they want for or see themselves. A lot of Nigerian students after their first year, when things aren’t going as they envisioned, decide to divert to those career paths. While combining both, has always proven to be an arduous task. In most cases, they fail at both. It’s not that easy. And in some cases, academic performance is affected.

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There is no environment for them to be innovative, yet get acknowledged for what they are doing. It mirrors the Innovative Organisation. How are organizations trying to inculcate extracurricular activities that relate to real life issues in our day to day activities? How are they helping in their most little ways available? If the environment is not made to be conducive, there will be no success rate to show that something is functioning.

The Innovative Organisation doesn’t come to you. You go for it. The Innovative Organisation, is always abreast with things that are currently happening around their environment which is unlike Nigerian University. The Innovative Organisation acknowledges talent and builds it. In Nigerian clime, the private institutions are producing the best minds and they are taking up spaces and the job market. This is because they help Nigerian students achieve their potential. While public institutions brag about how their students are able to replicate what they had been taught and crammed on paper. Innovation saves the world. Innovation trumps other things. When Nigerian institutions, especially the public ones, become innovative, it will benefit the nation.

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