I have my haircut at the most prestigious and most luxurious barbershop in the city of Lagos. They offer more than a service. They offer an all-round beauty experience. Well, technically it’s a lifestyle upgrade. As an entertainer, you can’t be seen having your haircut in some rugged place. Of course, it costs 6 times more but is worth every penny. Maybe I should let you in on what the experience is like and you would agree.

The setup in itself is exquisite, giving the whole arena a breathtaking ambiance. Then the barbers are always well dressed and they always smell nice. So you feel relaxed placing your destiny’s apartment (your head) in their hands which gives them the liberty to touch your hallowed chamber of reasoning or its pouch per se. Unlike the street barbers who commit what I call destiny abuse, twisting, turning, and spinning one’s head like a manual gear stick and bending the neck like second to the last air bender, the tender touch, and tease of these hairstylists are second to none.

I see you’re already feeling me. The sweet parts are they friction your hair with razor yet no single cut, they shave you neatly with no scratch and on top of that, they give you facial treatment and head massage as jara. Can you beat that? I guessed as much. Here is where the paradox lies. You would think there shouldn’t be a crowd in such a place right? My people, we pick tallies at times. It gets so bad that people queue into the next day. So, I had to be innovative. I put my relationship skills to work. I can’t tip them more than various celebrities and influential figures who make up their clientele base do. So I go personal with them. I showed them love, respect, and care and in return, they give me a priority. But, it doesn’t always work.

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I decided to see the CEO of the barbershop and discuss some innovations to help reduce the traffic so as to still maintain covid 19 precautions. I chose to speak with him on my next visit to the barbershop which definitely would be a weekend. I go on Fridays to avoid stories that touch knowing that Saturday is my own Monday. I always make sure I do all I can to get rid of all distractions on that day. Only workouts are allowed to occupy me before my engagements for the day.

Friday came and I entered the barbershop premises but it wasn’t business as usual. I saw tables with board games surrounded by chairs with respectable distance observed for the era, people were entertaining themselves, relaxing as they were waiting for their turn to barb. I was just emitting wow wow wow like a bullion van escort truck siren not knowing that another surprise was ahead. I stepped into the anteroom of the barbershop only to see a giant 4k screen and my favourite toy, A PlayStation 4 console with guys slugging it out at fifa.

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I was totally in awe of how decongested the barbershop had become but more fascinatingly how people were occupied and satisfied, deriving pleasure in waiting which used to be a turnoff. I was so blown away by this innovation that by the time I got to see the boss, I was just celebrating him. I told him he read my mind and brought it to life. I lauded him for his constant innovations and ideas. If you understand humans and their insatiable desires, you would understand the need for innovations. He summed up his response by saying “No organization can survive without innovations”


I left the barbershop after a nice haircut experience, a couple of fifa games and more importantly the inspiration to bring innovation to my brand too. It would be unwise to see the things I saw at the barbershop and not give them a thought. What a nice haircut on a head whose brain doesn’t work. That was a whole module free of charge. I thought of ways to cement my brand in the hearts of my clients, to get them preaching the gospel Hifrickuency events on my behalf. After some thought, I decided to start giving out gifts to my client at their events, keeping records of their wedding anniversaries, and sending them wishes for the day amongst other things I would like to keep strictly for the client’s experience.

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Dear reader, I sincerely do hope that as my barbershop has inspired me to be more innovative, this story will help you too? What can you do better? What new idea can you bring to the table? Are you a business owner or do you work with an organization? It’s time you turned up your innovation to a hundred.  INNOVATE.

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