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Dear HR Doctor, 

I graduated with a degree in Biology and have been trying to get a job for over 3 years after my National Youth Service Corp (This is a compulsory one year requirement for all graduates to serve anywhere in the country with the aim of helping to build skills and national integration) but this has not been successful. I am considering a career in Human Resources, kindly advise me on specific steps to take in fulfilling my aspiration.


Dear Bankole,

Thank you for writing to Workbooth Magazine.

Are you considering a Career in HR because you are unable to get a job in your chosen field or because you understand what a Career in HR entails and you are passionate about it? Your reasons must be genuine and must align with your own personal vision and values.

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Once you are convinced an HR career is the best for you at this moment, I would advise you to:

1. Start with what is available: Offer to work Pro-bono with any organisation (NGO, Private Companies, start-ups e.t.c If you can get an opening in an HR department great, otherwise start with any available department.

2. Get a Mentor: Get a mentor in the HR Profession. The Mentor can:

  • Help you understand the various career options in HR and help you identify the one which is best suited for you
  • Help you articulate medium and short-term goals to achieving the desired career path. This would include the right certification(s), learning, support and networking groups, conferences e.t.c.
  • Keep you accountable along the way. 
  • Inform you of opportunities that may support your growth.
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3. Apply your learning: Creatively, Consciously and Constantly look for opportunities to apply the learning you are acquiring to build your skill. The innovation and creativity you infuse into how you execute your HR knowledge is what will distinguish you in the world of work.

I wish you all the best,

HR Doctor

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