How Technology Has Influenced My Life And Career

Technology has been a blessing to humanity. In time past, farming was done with hoes, but now there are tractors that will complete the work of a thousand men in far less time. In the same vein, the impact of the internet cannot be overemphasized. Gone are the long queues at the bank for every transaction, with “e-transact” banking activities are completed on mobile phones from the comfort of individual spaces. 3D printing is in vogue with the rise of the “Internet of Things”. Elections in advanced climes have successfully incorporated e-voting, and more technological miracles can be anticipated in the coming years. On the other hand, crime has correspondingly become more sophisticated, but in all fairness, one can say that technology has done more good than bad to humanity.

Personally, technology has made an impact on my career trajectory. As a content writer with 5 years of tangible work experience, I have had the privilege of being published by a number of reputable new media platforms both nationally and internationally. These new media/online journalism platforms differ from the traditional/print media platforms in that they have a much wider reach and are easier to use. Right from your bathroom, you can reach the ends of the universe.  All these wouldn’t have been a reality without technology.

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As a millennial, I can say that ours is the best generation to be born in. Our age unleashed the magic of virtual realities. The thought that you can earn a first, second and doctorate degree from your bed was inconceivable decades ago. But today, this has become a norm. Virtual campuses and universities are in abundance and have been a blessing to me. In addition to my professional development, I have added a few other trainings via virtual experience. In 2018, right from the comfort of my abode in Ring Road (Ibadan), I successfully completed a three-month virtual internship in International Development (endorsed by the Society for Int`l Development, Washington DC) courtesy of Dataville Research LLC. The training taught me more about monitoring and evaluation, data sourcing/collection, proposals requests, research methodology, GPS mapping, baseline-midline-endline surveys and lots more – all from the comfort of my apartment.                                                                                                   

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Virtual schools are in high demand these days because they are more flexible and afford you the chance to combine schooling with a full-time job and family. Again, virtual schools are more preferable to contemporary schools because they are relatively easier to afford and give you a broader range of options when it comes to available courses or programs of study. According to Wikipedia (2019), today there are about 4500 of such schools with enrolments totalling 2million.                                                                                 Virtual experiences bring opportunities to your doorstep, take you places you’ve never been, and help you to meet new people.  I currently work online with the African Union Youth Envoy Virtual Office, a brainchild of the African Union Youth Envoy, “Aya Chebbi” – an exclusive volunteer role where I assist with blog posts and content writing on AU missions. This for me, is a big step in my career.  

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I recently concluded a Masters’ degree in Child and Adolescent Health. Being a social media and technology enthusiast, I decided to investigate the prevalence of cyberbullying in a major South-Western city and how adolescent victims react to it. The results have been quite revealing. I opted for this research topic area because I understood that with the progress of technology globally, every human strata of our societies (including adolescents) have had to evolve with the flow.                                                               

For folks like me, technology is much more than an influence now, it has become life!   

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