How I Came Into Non-Profit

‘What’s next?’ That question usually pops up after a milestone. And it did come for me after my one-year compulsory service to fatherland. 

I loved teaching, I loved writing, I loved the nonprofit, and I always will. I have practically worked in these spaces for free for quite some time. It is time to launch into the deep and see if what I have done for free will eventually be rewarded with a fee like my mantra.

The first opportunity I had was in school. I poured into the children for about nine months. I did a couple of months in another school. And then, home tutoring because standing for hours to teach was taking a toll on my health. Writing still continued through the years. 

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Now, I work with a health nonprofit. I curate content for her social media and website. I educate children, youths and adults about sickle cell disorder in a country with the highest population of people living with the genetic disorder in the world. 

The sweet, jolly-well story right?

But it’s not that easy. It involves a mix of grace, grit, and guts. 

Look out for the low hanging fruit while not losing your gaze on the big dream.

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