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Benefits of Pre-Employment Medicals

Health care is a monumental issue for employers, and too much is at stake to be reactive where staff wellbeing is concerned – an employee’s health is vital to the organization’s output. A verifiable payback is certain, and an investment in your employee’s health is a money smart move.

Pre-employment medical examination is a health investment with an array of benefits (to employers and employees). Pre-employment medicals are a series of medical examinations and tests that strive to place and maintain employees in an occupational environment adapted to their physiological and psychological capacities. The goal of the pre-employment examination is to determine whether an individual is fit to perform his job without risk to himself or others. 

Over the years, pre-employment medical testing has often been viewed as a nice extra, not a strategic imperative. However, new evidence tells a different story. According to the Harvard Business Review, since 1995, the percentage of Johnson & Johnson employees with high blood pressure has declined by more than half, this remarkable improvement was attributed to the quality of their periodic pre-employment testing. Research has also shown that pre-employment tests reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), lost workdays, and employee turnover by over 40%. 

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This is great, obviously, but should it matter to you as a company (employer)? Well, it turns out that a comprehensive, strategically designed investment in employees’ health pays off. J&J’s leaders estimate that pre-employment medicals and other strategic workplace health programs have cumulatively saved the company $250 million (N90,000,000,000‬) on health care costs over the past decade; from 2002 to 2008, the return was $2.71 (N975.6) for every dollar spent.  A 2003 study by Littleton also found that there is a cost savings of $18 (N6,480) for every $1(N360) spent on workers pre-employment screening. 

Apart from this cost saving benefit, pre-employment testing also confers other advantages. Some of them are: 

1. Maintenance of Workplace Safety 

The new candidate should be free from medical conditions that could harm others (colleagues or customers), especially in health and safety sensitive jobs such as driving, piloting, automation, etc. Harmful health conditions can be identified in pre-employment testing, and conditions managed over time.


2. Health Record Compilation

A pre-employment health check-up establishes a baseline health-related data against which the future health status of an employee can be compared. It identifies existing medical conditions, including lifestyle and contagious diseases, which could worsen due to occupational demands.

3. Productivity And Efficiency Ascertainment

Pre-employment testing establishes that the new employee is free from medical conditions which may affect his post-employment productivity. Companies understand the importance of a healthy employee as being crucial to productivity and growth.

4. Cost Saving on Medical Reimbursement

Considering that medical treatment is getting costlier by the day, employee health is becoming a major concern for companies. Several companies provide full or partial coverage for medical expense to their employees. An employee who suffers from a long-term illness which may require frequent hospitalization and absenteeism from work may cost the employer a lot of money. Pre-employment screening helps companies to assess this before hiring a candidate. 

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5. Higher Morale

Often overlooked is the potential to strengthen an organization’s culture and to build employee pride, trust, and commitment. The nature of pre-employment screening and other workplace wellness programmes—a partnership between employee and employer—requires trust. Because personal health is such an intimate issue, investment in staff health can create deep bonds and improve staff morale.

6. Life Saving

Pre-employment tests can save you (an employee) in the long run. Certain subtle but morbid health conditions such as hypertension can be identified during pre-employment screenings, and save lives in the long run. 

Pre-employment medical and executive health checks are paramount for employees. This single act, if properly executed ensures that prospective employees are physically capable of performing their jobs, and existing health conditions are promptly identified, while statutory requirements of regulatory organizations and bodies are met. 

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