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I define wellness as a state of being in good health, constantly making right choices towards a healthy & fulfilling life. It is being physically fit, mentally stable & emotionally balanced. Happy, stress free, relaxed & spiritually sensitive. The constant pursuit of an improved quality of life & a balanced life is essential. Wellness is more than being free from illness it leads to fewer health risk which leads to less chronic diseases and the absence of this leads to increased productivity. Health and wellness has a lot to do with the foods & drinks we consume as well as our daily physical activities. Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just healthy eating, it’s about loving and respecting our bodies enough to make it priority since it is the vehicle that takes us through life’s journey.We are said to be the most overfed but undernourished generation due to the lack of nutrient dense foods we consume daily. Most of our food preparation process reduces the nutritional value of the food we eat especially when they are overcooked thereby stripping them of their natural vitamins & minerals. From the agriculture’s aim for high yields not minding the lack of nutrient density, to fast food chains trying to get us addicted to processed junk foods to the packaged canned foods loaded with all sorts of preservatives & BPA beautifully lined up on the shelves in the Supermarkets.We are constantly consuming too many fizzy drinks and soda, white processed flour, excess fat & oil. The downside of this is that not only do they increase our number on the scale but have also been linked to various lifestyle diseases as well as reduced immunity. This leaves our bodies vulnerable, and unable to fight back or heal itself.Due to work pressure, a lot of professionals in a bit to put in their best in their endeavors, tend to neglect their health, and thereby treating their bodies as second class citizen. However by the time they clock 40 years and above, some are diagnosed with one ailment or the other, just then, they realize the urgent need to be in optimum wellness if they must accomplish their lifelong dream.Word Health Organization has however recommended that we complement the food we eat with 5 – 8 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. The easy way to get this done is through juicing. Let’s take our Arise juice for example. Arise contains Carrot, orange, ginger, lemon & turmeric. Now think of how many carrots you can possibly chew in a day, so imagine about 5- 7 large carrots, oranges, etc juiced into a 500ml bottle with the help of a cold press juice machine which preserves more nutrients. The fruits and vegetables in liquid form makes it easier and more exciting to consume. Also think of all the nutrients your body has just gained from what looks like a regular 500ml bottle filled with nothing but pure nature’s goodness without any added water, sugar, preservatives or additives. As we advance in age, our bodies are constantly craving nutrients as our organs degenerate due to lack of it. We should therefore realize that with each bite of food or sip of drink, we are either feeding a disease or fighting it. The latter is the preferable option if we want to enjoy optimal wellness as well as increased productivity even well into old age.You are the only one responsible for your life. Make the right choices.

Make the life changing health decision today.
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