Getting My Dream Profession – My Journey Into HR

Very early in my career, I had always admired the HR Function and HR Professionals from a distance and imagined that I would be one someday. I would say I had a dream…

I started my career as a Customer Relationship Officer which involved interacting with customers (via the telephone or face-to-face) to resolve their issues as well as increase profit by driving sales of products and services.  I enjoyed interfacing with customers and solving their problems. Particularly, I recall a remarkable encounter with one of my assigned customers. His mobile line had been put on a suspension notice but he was in dire need of the line and needed the suspension to be lifted as early as possible.

His request came in at 12:00 pm, when I was off-duty. However in less than 5 minutes, I was able to resolve his challenge through my colleagues who were on duty and I reverted to him. As you may imagine, my customer was surprised and very pleased to have his issue resolved faster than he had anticipated considering my off-time and the timing of his request. He appreciated my actions and even recommended me to other customers.

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This was one of my many high moments on the customer service job and I always had fun interacting with customers, responding to their requests, offering suggestions and solutions extending appreciations to loyal customers or even convincing potential customers to come on board. In spite of all this, I realized that I still wanted a lot more in my career and HR was still on my mind.

One day, there was a job rotation opportunity in the Learning Management (LM) unit within the HR division of my organization and I took it up.   “Hmmm… HR… Is this my jackpot into my most admired profession?” I thought. It was only a temporary job rotation with no retention prospect in view but I decided to explore it with an open mind.

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At the time, my organization was transiting from mainly voice services to digital services and the LM team was running a project aimed at creating awareness and driving adoption of the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) by all our employees. During this project, I involved myself deeply and learned how to build PowerPoint slides, manage training projects end-to-end, including facilitation of sessions and lots more! It was a whole new and exciting world for me, great fun work – I was loving it and therefore, wanted to stay in HR.

Shortly after, a trainer role was advertised during this period and I applied for it. Would I get this job? Would I be declined? If I miss this job opportunity, would I be allowed to stay in HR upon request? Several thoughts ran through my mind and you can picture my adrenaline level!

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Well… I got the job and it has been an amazing 4 years of living my dream as an HR Professional and learning the ropes. I have had the pleasure of managing various training projects, impacting staff members of my organization across several locations. According to George Lucas,

“Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you imagine it.”

I imagined my HR career… I desired it… I dreamt it…. and now it’s a reality and I am loving every bit of it!

Lesson from my experience: Your dreams are valid, hold on to your dreams.

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