Funding the Africa Business Future an Idea Birthed By the Africa Policy Conversation

 This to report a clear message and concept note on what the Funding the Future by the African Policy Conversations is all about which the details of the event came up through Abdulaleem Anjolaoluwa Ademola-Osinuga who is a member of the conversation and The Chief Executive Officer of Inspired Leadership Group who made the decision request after informing the organization of his intention of putting this on the media.

 We understand that the Africa Policy Conversations is a dynamic group of intellectual professionals from varying fields with the goal to revoluntize policies that will serve not only Nigerian Citizens but also Africans within the Continent and in Diaspora. We are designed to help find solutions to problems that affect economic growth and development of across Africa. It was founded by Chinenye Uwanaka, Who is the Project Lead of the Organization and it consist of members who come from all over the global community.

 On the event titled as: Funding the Future which was developed and birthed by The African Policy Conversation and powered by The Firma Advisory was developed through the findings of the organization as a much needed dialogue that needs to take place based on the current situation on the challenges facing the African Continent which has the main important one of the finance systems which is of lacking access to help build economic benefits such as Job Creation and Economic Growth itself. Many starts up as also been wallowed in stagnation and they eventually also collapsed in this process.

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 This event which was tagged by the organization as #FTF2020 was done on the 2nd December 2020 both in Abuja, Nigeria and South Africa in the midst of the disruptive COVID-19 Economy taken place across the world was done to bring together all relevant stakeholders in a platform to stimulate on how investments can be bought to the sectors. It aims on getting the Pension Fund Administrators to invest in starts up that requires a lot of funding for it to be sustainable in its mission it needs and see how it works as a similar situation revolving around the African Continent.

 Some of the speakers who gave in their contributions to this matter that were present in the programme are: Mr. Okechukwu Enelemah, Founder/CEO African Capital Alliance, Mr. William Nkontchou Managing Director ECP Investments Paris, Stephen Newton Chairman Illuminate Africa Group Limited, Mr Joseph Nnanna The Chief Economist for Development Bank of Nigeria along with other notable individuals were present to share solutions on to this.

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The reason why this action was done is because we need to draw closely the attention of people towards creating investment opportunities and by these some of the opinions include: Security Reformation, Policy directed at Ventures Capital must be conceived, identifies ministries and government agencies that have impacted the industry. This is to be able the government to be able to identify the gap that is taken place across the respective sectors and bridge it across the continent

The Organization Lead, Chinenye had already noticed and has explained in some urgent places after it was figured that the issue of finance being the key constraints that the Government needs to unlock into the economy to help sustainable development for exampling channeling the $25 Billion pension fund into the right channels that it must be. By these we will be able to get a lot of start up to live up to their equities due to the formula of equities that they have put in place which has given them the lack of ability to rise up to occasions that has to do with funding of businesses in Africa.

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To learn more on the event information or being part of the movement about The Africa Policy Conversation. Please visit: or email

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