Since Becky got to my new working place, Tonny has been a good friend to her putting her through all she needs to know to settle down from office rules to other important things to know in an office. They got along so well that he made her coming into the company an amazing experience.

            Not quite long, their relationship dropped, they started seeing each other once in a while as she believed she has gotten all she needs to know and can no longer face any difficulty and also, she feels now that she knows other staffs, she can run to anytime she come across any difficulty. Tonny on the other hand didn’t bother as he has his hands filled with so much, they only say “hello” any time our paths crosses.

            One faithful day, Tonny was given a slot to recommend someone whom he trusts for international training and, guess what? He recommended Juliet and not Becky, she became furious and was sad about him not recommending her, she, therefore, secluded herself henceforth from every other employee while Juliet got along so well with every other person, she started doing her work herself but it all became boring and frustrating that she hardly was able to deliver any of her assignments on time.

            she became so bad at what she does that she was given a warning letter and it was then it dawned on her that she was going to lose her job if she doesn’t get hold of herself, so she decided to turn a new leaf and become a loveable person at work again, she made up her mind to get it all done with and be friends with people who could help her career.

            On a Monday, she got into the office beaming with a smile and full of energy. Everyone was wondering what was going on and before she knew it three other staff came to her already and she became the center of attraction. She had the opportunity to consult a few people about a difficulty she was having about a project which was almost immediately sorted. She went to Tony’s office, asked why he didn’t nominate her. Tony said to her a better training will be of more help to her and will take place in few weeks and if he had nominated her then he would not be able to recommend her for what will profit her and right there she knew she was the one who gave herself an undeserved tough time, she apologized to Tonny and they became best of friends again.

            So many employees just like Becky creates unnecessary headache and issues for themselves by not maintaining a good relationship with their colleagues. They think it’s the job that is wrong but no it is the attitude that is wrong. It is not enough to work hard but rather to work smart with experienced colleagues by your side, then your place of work becomes another family thereby catapulting the organization and yielding unexplainable success with ease.     

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