Finding your Roar….

Life is a like a circle and each one of us play a significant role in the circle, the earlier we discovered this profound truth the better for us.

A few days ago, my daughters and I watched the classic Disney movie ‘The lion King’ and it was as refreshing as ever. This was not the first, second or third time seeing this universal movie, but we could never get tired of watching it. The incorporation of the 3D animation gave it a whole new vibe altogether. It was well worth the watch. 

Without any attempt to parrot the movie, the all-time classic is largely a story about a pride of lions, where the King (Mufasa played by James Earl Jones) battled the jealousy and envy of his deceitful brother (Scar – Chiwetel Ejiofor) who desired to be king. Mufasa was blessed with a male cub (Simba – Donald Glover/JD McCrary). The intrigues set in, Scar engineered the death of Mufasa, pinned it on Simba, convinced Simba to run away and became king.

Scene after scene I followed the familiar plot, something about a universal stories is that the lessons stick. You see yourself in the story and you automatically begin to write your own story. 

We left the cinema with some interesting life lessons. Below are some of the nuggets:

1. Success is a process: Simba was fully aware of his position as an apparent heir to the Mufasa throne, but he was unaware of the fact that he could lose this birthright if he did not pay the price of discipline and obedience. Many times, we are quick to forget that success is a process not just a destination. The commitment and diligence we put into the process is what guarantees our success in the end. Passion births commitment, commitment births consistency which elevates the quality and mastery of our craft

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2. Be mindful of who has your attention: Mufasa had constantly engaged Simba’s heart. He shared deep truths with his heir. However, it seemed that he never took the time to counsel the adventurous spirit in him. Simba listened to his uncle Scar who planted in him the desire to defy Mufasa. This defiance cost him his birthright, the kingdom and the life of his father. Whose voice are you listening to? Get great voices into your life through reading of quality books, submitting yourself to effective coaching and mentoring etc.

3. Keep the circle of life: In the words of Mufasa “everything you see exists in a delicate balance called the circle of life.” You & I are key contributors to the circle of life. Every time we play small and refuse to acknowledge the uniqueness & greatness in us, we diminish the circle of life. Every time we take our place, embrace the uniqueness & greatness in us we add value to the circle of life – we give others the permission to become. Keep the circle in your families, teams and relationships. 

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4. Find your roar & practice it: Simba was told by Scar to find his roar. I say; do not only find it, practice it! Identify your talents and gifts. Embrace your passion and consistently fan it to flame by working daily on it, let it be your compass. You need to breathe fresh faith into your dreams and release them to fly. Just like the famous Katty Perry song – the world is waiting to hear you roar!

5. Settle the question of identity ‘Who am I?’: Who are you? You must always have an answer to this question. Mufasa explained to Simba the importance of knowing who he was. We draw strength from a deep understanding of our identity and our values, what we stand for and why? This is a major game changer in the journey of life. 

6. Focus to pounce: This is one of the life skills that Mufasa taught Simba. To achieve any goal or objective you must focus. Focus enables clarity and grows strength. Focus fuels passion. Focus births a trusted conviction that carries you through life. To hit your target and achieve your goals; avoid distractions, avoid naysayers.

7. Courage is key: Scar told Simba to run away and never look back. The little cub for once obeyed and ran away from his inheritance – as far as his limbs could take him. Life requires that we take responsibility for our actions and never back out or back down. We are required to own up, stand up and fight for our place. We must learn to accept our past, embrace our present and fight for our future, courageously.

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8. Adaptability is a life skill: Simba ended up in another world where the animals did not eat flesh but grubs and insects. For a lion I am sure that was not easy. Guess what? Simba adapted, he did so perfectly well and blossomed into a huge loveable lion just like his father. How adaptable are you? One of the top 20 skills for the future is adaptability. Your agility and flexibility will position you among the stars.

9. Relationships: Life is a bucket of relationships. We are all connected! We need each other. The place of fostering healthy relationships cannot be overemphasized. Adding value to people is very important. Consciously make effort to surround yourself with like minds. Share love everywhere you go. Regardless of how dangerous it was, Simba’s childhood friend Nala went in search of Simba, found him and brought him back home to his rightful place.

I end with the words of Mufasa; “Others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give.” 

I wish you GROWTH!

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