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Question: “My manager schedules a department meeting every other Saturday which is quite disruptive to my family life (work-life balance). How can I let my manager know without being perceived as a rebel or unserious?” – Chuckwu

Dear Chuckwu,

I can imagine the negative impact that this situation will be having on your overall wellbeing and i think you need to address it right away.

First thing is to try to understand why your manager schedules a department meeting every other Saturday and try to provide practical alternatives that will stull fulfill the purpose for the departmental meetings within official hours.

second is to engage other colleagues to understand their position on the matter . this will help you further refine the alternatives you have articulated.  please try to have at least two alternatives.

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then schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss the issue,  focusing on the main area of concern, the timing of the meetings and the impact it is having on your work life balance.  Be careful not to make it seem like an attack or an accusation. As much as possible,  try to make the conversation as informal as you can. Don’t forget that your manager is human afterall.

Suggest the alternatives you have come up with and seek his input to arriving at a solution that will be mutually beneficial.

I hope this helps.

Warm Regards.

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