Ethics for Sustainability

A few days ago, I sat under a training on “Ethics for Sustainability” as facilitated by Obiora Ike (Executive Director, Global Ethics) during the United People Global Sustainability Leadership launch event. It was an insightful and very engaging session where he spoke succinctly on some ethics required for sustainability, and their importance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. To this end, I will be taking a cue from the session.

To begin with, the world is fast becoming a global village, a place where we all need to harmonize our individual and collective resources and talents to make it safe enough for future generations. Resultantly, there are certain ethics required of individuals and nations that are highly critical if we must make this positive impact of making the world better than we met it. Having worked and supported the works of sustainability in several capacities over the past 5 years, I’ll be sharing from my experience, certain principles necessary to drive sustainability at all levels:

  • RESPONSIBILITY: This talks about how well we take ownership of the things around us, and how1 we react to issues that affects us directly or indirectly. As global citizens, we are responsible for the sustainability of our environment through our day to day actions, which can be displayed politically, socially, and economically. Taking genuine ownership of the things around us, coupled with act of showing love and understanding will help build a healthy world for our future generations.
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  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: This happens to be another major tool relevant for sustainability and growth in any spectrum of the society. It is the ability to identify, understand and manage ones’ emotions in a positive light so as to effectively manage and build relationship with others. The world we live in today requires a lot of emotional understanding and management when it comes to dealing with other people. People go through a lot of emotional problems and it is important that we know why people act the way they do.


  • MUTUAL RESPECT: A couple of weeks ago, President Biden of the United States of America released a video where he admonished everyone in his cabinet about the importance of showing respect to one another; and a handful of people, including myself shared on our social media pages. This shows the level of how important mutual respect is and should be. To reiterate, I am of the opinion that if individuals and nations imbibe and sustain this core ethics of mutual respect, the world generally would be far better than what it is today.
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  • COMPASSION: Love is the greatest and the most powerful force of life, and it involves showing a genuine concern for the good of others, with unselfish act of kindness like compassion and thoughtfulness. If we all agree to be companionate, and show less of racial discrimination and hatred on one another, the world would definitely be better than what it is now.

To conclude, the aforementioned points are critical for sustainability, and overtime have been portrayed by several organizations, including Junior Chamber international, a global organization of people between the ages of 18 to 40, who are passionate about making positive impact in their immediate environment. Being a member of JCI has taught me to be responsible, compassionate, respectful and emotionally conscious of the people and state of things around me, and above all, I have learnt that “service to humanity is the best work of life”.

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