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Hello Peeps,

I hope you are keeping well and safe. We are finally drawing the curtains on the grand 2020 and we can’t be anything short of thankful. Irrespective of whatever it is might have happened in the course of the year, I like to remind myself that it could have been worse. Hence, the need to stay consciously grateful.

As is the practice with individuals, countries and many corporates, this the part of the year where discussions on strategies for the next year start to happen. Entities begin to plan for the incoming year, review the current year’s plan, accommodate necessary adjustments and incorporate in the plan for the New Year.

Any individual or organization that sets out to achieve anything must have a plan. Even God is a great planner. According to the creation story of the Holy book, God created light first and set everything in order. The humane being was the last piece to be created. One can only marvel at the wisdom of planning employed there. Imagine a human was the first thing to be created, before then the Sun, Moon and Stars to give light. It would have been chaos. In the light, we’ll do well to acknowledge God as the first planner in the world.

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Planning is very important, and the benefits cannot be overemphasized. We know the very common saying which goes ‘he who fails to plan, plans to fail’. Planning is critical to the success of an event, an individual, a country or an organization. At the minimum, planning gives direction to a cause and helps to allocate budget needs accordingly. Do you know that planning helps to minimize costs? So today, if you do not take away anything from today, remember that you can save yourself some hard-earned money by planning.

Some other advantages of planning including but not limited to effective and faster achievements, Ensures you’re working on the right things versus doing things right, Brings order and clarity, Uncovers new ideas and areas for growth and improvement, ensures accountability, planning helps achieve great feats by ensuring that these seeming great feats are broken into smaller buckets. These smaller buckets are then tackled one by one. An individual that plans is wise, forward-thinking and very likely to experience very many successes in life all other things being equal. I guess this is one of the reasons HR personnel while conducting interviews ask candidates what their 5-year plan is. They want to know if this person is forward-thinking, or has the right mindset, to begin with.

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Now, bringing this home, to our individual spaces, have you planned your next year, how is the planning going? Or is there even a plan to plan at all? …hahaha … yeah because you have to plan o. Otherwise, you’ll never get to do it. What do you want 2021 to look like for you? It is also commonly said that the way to predict the future is to create it. What you do by planning, is to create the desired outcome. 2021 is mostly going to be what you make of it. You cannot afford to start the New Year on a flat note. No. I urge you to place a demand on yourself and the universe. I don’t know how 2020 has gone for you. However, you can pursue, overtake and recover all in 2021, but first, you must plan.

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