Diary of a Naija Banker

It’s that season again people!

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrr!!! Yayyy!

I am thrilled. The season to be jolly and merry, sharing joy, gifts and happiness all around.

I know for some, it may bring anxieties or reminders of past failures. The feeling of inadequacy, unmet expectations, promises yet to be fulfilled and what have you.

I am just here to tell you that all of those don’t matter because it’s a passing phase.

You ask me how I am so sure, because you see… life is in seasons, and we all know that seasons don’t last forever. So, I am well assured that things are not always going to stay the same. It is only going to get better because you have put in the work for it to get better.

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Right now, it’s that time of the year, and I just want you to be intentional about your happiness and joy.

It will be a New Year and season in less than 30 days, and you get the chance to start afresh. In the main time, I want you to enjoy your life because “This life is one “. Find reasons to be thankful, I am sure you just need to calm down and look around you, and you will soon be overwhelmed with gratitude.

You are doing well, in fact, you have done well. This yuletide season, give yourself a pat on the back. I want you to specifically gift yourself something nice…for coming this far and surviving thriving while at it.

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Moving forward, in the spirit of intentionality, you can set forth to be intentional in other areas of your life as well. What areas in your life are you looking to make changes? Set achievable and measurable goals and be intentional about taking steps to achieve them. As much as is within your power, be deliberate. Be deliberate about your relationships, your actions, your inactions. Stop living everything to chance or to other people.

This is the thought I leave with you today… be intentional about your happiness, your success, your joy, and your life. Make healthy choices, say no and mean it, do not say yes when you mean to say no. Be in the driver’s seat of your life. Live your life to the fullest.

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In a nutshell, my darlings… enjoy your life and be thankful.

Compliments of the season!

xoxoxo… Your fav Naija banker

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