Diary of a Naija Banker

Hey Diary (sorry, no pleasantries today)

I just want to rant about adulthood.

If you are looking for motivation, sorry, not today. Come back for the next edition…hahaha (well, on second thoughts, there’s some at the end).

Anyways, I hope you can pick one or two things, here and there from my rants.

First of all, I want to make something clear… Ranting is different from Complaining. I am not complaining o (because God doesn’t like complainers, henhen, before ‘ground will gan’ swallow you like those Israelites we read of in the bible…hehehe). I just want to air some things, dazzall …lols. Now let’s get on with it.

What is this adulthood again? Who wants adulthood? Please I am not doing again o. I want to relass and be taken kiaroff. Now I am wondering why I wanted to even grow up so fast. Dear five year old me, please enjoy what you have well o, because you shall be an adult for the most part of your life dealing with grown-ups issues. Why didn’t anyone tell meee? Why didn’t someone say something? Hehehe. How did I become a thirty-something-year-old human being? Guys, I literally have to think about what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And then afterward? I have to make the meal. Why, Why, Why in God’s name? One minute it’s payday, living my best life, next minute I am calculating how ‘this 1k will reach me till month end’, and it’s only the middle of the month L.M.A.O.

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You guys, as if all that is not enough, I have to think about others…what????? I have to think about my immediate and extended family, I have to think about my colleagues, I have to think about my bosses, I have to think about my career, my retirement, the less privileged, church, social life. On top of all that, I have to think about Lagos drivers, especially the commercial bus drivers, the traffic, the insecurity, L.A.S.T.M.A., road safety, V.I.O…kilode???. Now add thinking about Nigeria and the colors of challenges around it. Omoo, overall best in adulting o, I am even thinking about the President and state governor…hehehe. Guys, I know right, it’s literally exhausting! Whew!

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However, one way I have learned to cope is to be thankful. On my worst days, Gratitude is how I have learned to get through. Let me share something profound I saw on Glory Edozien’s I.G. page that resonated so much with my view on Gratitude. She said:

“GRATITUDE is like a small door which opens up to a large room of breakthroughs and opportunities. But because the door is so small, minute even, requiring a trained eye to spot it, we overlook it and glare out the window into the lives of others. Seeing only the things we desire and makes us feel incomplete. But in life, when we begin to learn to open the door of GRATITUDE every day; to be thankful for the smallest blessings as well as the biggest; to focus more on the things that we have and remain expectant for the things we desire, we begin to see miracles every day. The more you see your life as a miracle, the more miracles you will find in your life.”

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You become grateful that you can even pay those bills; that you even have bills to pay in the first place is a blessing. Your being in the right frame of mind to figure out what you want to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner is a blessing; that you can even decide to have the three meals in a day is a blessing. You say, oh, I have so many responsibilities, giving here and there…I ask, would you rather be on the receiving end? Absolutely not.  The fact that people around you look up to you is a considerable blessing… it shows that you MATTER! Oh, this job is this, my colleagues are that…would you rather not have a job and colleagues? Hehehe.

With these few words of mine, I hope you can find better ways to do this ‘adulting’ thing and enjoy yourself while at it o… because let me just tell you…it’s going nowhere. Sorry, but not sorry…hahaha.

xoxoxo… Your fav Naija banker

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