Diary of a Naija Banker

Hi there!

I hope this letter meets you well, if so doxology….L.M.A.O (I hope you got the gist)

How is the year treating you? And how have you been treating yourself? I do hope you are making attempts because….in this life problem nor dey finish. So it is important to love and take care of yourself as you navigate this phenomenon called life.

So onto other things, there’s something I want to talk about today. I know this thing first hand because I have been there and done that, more so as a banker. What I want to talk about is customer service!

Ah! Bank customer service officers dey see wetin their mouth no fit talk. I have been on both sides, receiving and giving service and I must say the thing no easy. On the giving service end, my eye don see wonders. Some customers will transfer the aggression of all their generations to you when you attend to them. As if that is not enough, they will now take the matters into their hands and want to make your enemy (God forbid, not you) lose their job. Because nitori wipe? Technological glitch ni o.  Something entirely out of my hands. So customers will just say, you are stupid, you are crazy…e.t.c.

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One experience I can’t forget…Omo x 1 million o. I feel that man has deep spiritual issues, lols.  It was my first time attending to or even seeing him visit the particular location I was at. My other colleagues had experienced his yawa, unknown to me. It was after that they even hailed me, saying that was the first time they will see that customer leave being satisfied. In my mind sha, its old age I used to respect the man o, if not me sef would have changed it for him. Imagine me telling this man, Sir please let me help you do …before I could even finish he just cut me off and said whom am I helping? That he doesn’t need my help…it is my job bla bla bla. Next thing, I spoke another English, the man said ‘Sorry for what? Did something happen to me?’. Omo, I just handicap for there. Please note that this man has a commanding presence and a deep voice. Just imagine the embarrassment…chai… to speak English con hard for me. I can’t even remember how I was able to navigate out of that situation without escalations.

One thing that helped me through that role thought was …never to take it personally. It’s not about you to a very large extent. That being said, in my opinion, and experience, the majority of Nigerians are rude sha, and they like to form who are you? who is your father in this land…L.M.A.O, you are customer service, you earn beneath me (somebody that I fit even dey buy lunch for o…imagine). Na the ones wey no get shingbain (little or nothing in the ‘akant’) dey worse pass…looolsss… they will stress the living daylight out of you. Ha! small thing, I want to see your manager, call your supervisor for me. The next worst group are other bankers or learned professionals. I even think ex-bankers are worse… na dem, fear them o. That is how they will start telling you how they have been banking before you were even given birth to… hehehe (in my mind, I am like, alaye, come and sit here if e easy… hehehe).

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However, the thing about the role is that if you want to make your life easier…learn empathy, be polite, always smile, always look good and be confident. Looking good and confidence yen, very necessary. First impressions are big in customer service. Some customers size you up to know how to dish it to you. If you mistakenly give them an inclination that you are timid or don’t know what you are saying pere… I  commit you into the hands of the Lord o. You are about to get dragged mehn. Even in situations where you are not sure of what to say, don’t show weakness o. Don’t go and slack. Say your rubbish with confidence and ask to be excused to seek clarification.

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Overall, the experience leaves you with life’s skills such as dealing with difficult people, empathy, communication skills, and problem-solving skills that will always help you navigate so many situations in life. These are some of the skills I picked up myself and have helped me tremendously.

So my charge to you, be kind to the next person whether you are the one giving or receiving service. It goes a long way, you never know what the person must have gone through up until that point. You don’t need to be another rude Nigerian adding to the stress levels of a fellow human being, please.

With these few points of mine, I hope you’ll do better next time.

xoxoxo …your favorite Naija Banker

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