Diary of a Naija Banker

Hi Guys!

Yay!!! We made it, we made it through the first quarter of the year…yippyyy.

Hey, how has it been with those goals? Are you smashing or you are being smashed? Hahaha…

Well, wherever you are on your list, whether at the top, middle or bottom, you’ve still got 9 solid months to make a go at it. I just want you to know that your dreams are valid all year round.

A certain way to stay on top of your goals is to remain productive. In addition to this, is one recurring event- the new normal. People are beginning to struggle with productivity while working, considering a number of us still work from home fully or partially. I’ll share a few ways to be more productive in the new normal or to boost productivity generally.

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One way I have read that people can stay on top of their game is by ensuring that productivity is at the core of their daily activities, by using productivity hacks. One hack I have found, which is very basic and easy to use is a to-do list. Start working on your list daily, by taking out what you need the smallest effort to achieve. What you can easily achieve without much input from anything else, and then keep progressing from there. A benefit of using this to-do list is the sense of achievement that comes from clearing out the to-do list, and this continues to spur one up to achieve more and more. I compare using a to-do list to the saying that goes… little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

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Another hack is to improve time management is by organizing your day. Prioritize and schedule, learn to say no, start early and set a quiet time where you can prepare for the day and establish your priority activities. One should also deliberately cut down on time-wasting activities such as the use of social media for unplanned prolonged periods, add some buffer time to cover any complications, breaks and any social interactions so the process doesn’t feel mechanical and one starts to choke off the itinerary. Other hacks could include levering technology to automate as much as possible and where necessary, delegate. It is also important to evaluate regularly how well one is doing with productivity so that adjustments can be made where appropriate.

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I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that… owning your productivity is a key to achieving your goals this year.

Continue to thrive…Stay Jiggy, you’ve got this.

… xoxoxo

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